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The real working life of illegal immigrants & monstrous behavior of ICE: teargassing w/o warning

For today, my72nd birthday, I thought I'd counter the ugly vile order this POTUS issued which led to US troops without warning firing tear-gas (no longer used in combat in wars) at women and children attempting to find asylum (which is legal) on the other side of the US border: to do it this way is to encourage the perpetrators to enjoy their cruelty as they watch the suffering they inflict on these people

The important article here is by Michael Greenberg: he spent some time working alongside the farm workers of the San Joquin Valley in California and found that almost all the people who do the terrifly hard low paid work of gathering the crops from the fields are illegal immigrants. He describes their desperate lives; how the fields are so over-chemicalized they cause cancer to those who farm them; how these people send their children to better menial and ill paid job eventually (as clerks and cleaning and guard people in hotels), and how the gov't treats them, how employers try to make deals with politicians to keep up the supply of such unfortunate people. Do read it:


Nanci Griffiths: It's a hard life wherever you go .... and if you poison your children with hatred ....

For the story go to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez: Before US: Border Patrol Started Tear Gassing Central American Asylum seekers:


I remember when President Carter phoned the Shah to congratulate him upon his firing live ammunition at his people, including women with babies in strollers in the streets, I thought of how daily I walked the streets of NYC with Laura in a stroller ...

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