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What is needed: a signature. How to get there? massive non-violent non-cooperative demonstrations

So, last night Trump gave a speech adamently refusing to sign a bill to open the gov't. He wants a huge ineffective wall across the southern borders of the US; he talks of a humanitarian crises he causes and his solution is more detention camps.  He ignored the people who are now being required to work for no money and the people who have been furloughed with no money. Over 800,000, plus contractors, cleaning people, food staff. They don't matter nor does it matter that down the read millions will lose social security and all sorts of necessary monies to carry on with their lives. Down the road much chaos and loss and grief for millions of people in the US. These are the 47% of Americans whom Romney on that infamous tape (caught talking to wealthy donors in a super-expensive restaurant in front of a waiter who had a cell phone) wanted to "drop from all handouts" of whatever type.

Representative Pelosi and Senator Schumer replied that Trump is making this crisis, that they have a bill that was unanimously approved by the senate in December and agreed to by a majority of the house which has good effective way to achieve border security, which they offer to negotiate faithfully separately and I believe them; that there is no excuse for hurting millions of US people to get his way on an ineffective wall; we can secure the border in real effective ways. We don't have to arrest women and children, separate families, and put asylum seekers in prison. They demand that he end this shutdown now: This site has the full speeches plus the texts:


Sanders gave the best cogent speech: Trump has manufactured this crisis, his arguments for a wall (many many billions if he did build it) are all based on lies. His demands for working people who provide our security at airports, on the coast, our taxes, our basic services either to work without pay or stay home are unconscionable. Sanders describes the real crises going on in the US and what we need action to cope with.

The networks refused in 2014 to allow Obama to address the immigration crises to which he offered fundamental long-term solutions, some of which he passed by executive order, and which had begun to work. He has wanted to explain to the US people why he was signing these executive orders and what was happening in congress::


What to do? Trump's is an open attack on the American people he thinks didn't vote for him and assumes his various constituencies don't care about or fear and resent. Is there anyone who doesn't doubt that this was thought up shortly before December 17th and consolidated by the Republicans and their donors over the last week of December.

The only thing we have left is massive non-violent non-cooperation and voting - which power is being badly weakened though the first bill the democrats passed was a new civil rights bill and actions to shore up and protect our present voting rights: there would be three more democratic governors, more democratic representatives and the majority of people could make inroads on the senate which now represents a minority of US people:


One response by people faced with an analogous situation who have a working democracy:  Tthe French this past year have been faced with an analogous situation: working and middle class people's taxes going way up, their jobs cut, their pensions, all the things they have worked all their lives for, what they are supported by threatened: so there have been massive demonstrations with everyone wearing yellow jackets. Luckily they had a symbol to hand in a safety vest required on French cars: They began November 17th. There was much violence:

But Macron gave in to some of their demands not to attack them directly in the way he was doing.

Form history: the General Strike in 1926. It was called by the leaders of several unions -- miners -- and for the same kinds of economic reasons: at the time the UK had become a constitutional monarchy with a parliament and law courts:
It was an important failure; in 1929 the first labor party ever was voted in. It was the first time that the laboring people of the UK showed who they are, that there were massive numbers of suh people who had needs and rights.
Trump also talked about 2020; his interest is in keeping himself president as long as he can because he faces prosecutions from criminal behavior once he is out of office; he uses his office to make money and enjoys power and attention.  He will not sign any bill that does not give him 7 billion for a wall and McConnell has thus far refused to disobey him; it is reported because he faces an election, he fears he would lose because it is said a sizable and vocal minority of of republicans in Kentucky support Trump whatever he does; he has told thousands of lies, & spreads fear and hatred to do this.

As Schumer said, the symbol of the US should be the Stature of Liberty not a massive cement wall.
If US people follow what the French did, or if we could have a general strike, if there were massive non-violent non-cooperation in demonstrations and behavior, that could bring an end to this impasse. The question is, how will it form? who will organize and who will have the prestige and authority to keep them going. Make no mistake, Trump and his regime would call out violent groups of armed men -- he has the control of legal violence through his various militaries and they will obey him -- and there could be violent, tear-gassing mass arrests, massive.

Read Nichols, Mystal (let's look at who has been fighting this man and who supporting him) and McCalvey especially: the power of a strike:


People do have to fight back with all that's left to us: demonstration, assembly, the vote. I am not politically active or knowing but I will go to any demonstration near me.

This is a right-wing coup to further destroy parts of the gov't, of agencies which help people, and to put 7 billion in a semi-dictator's hands in order to build a white male supremacy.

We are filled with fear and anxiety this morning -- engendered by this POTUS. It is important to remember that in 2014 Obama wanted to address the nation with comprehensive immigration legislation and the stations refused to give him public time on the grounds this was a political speech. Trump's speech itself is a reason to impeach him, his refusal to sign on December 17, 2018:


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