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Sanders, Stacey Abrams and Alexandria Osacio-Cortez: a minimum wage would benefit millions of us

Dear Friends,

It's time for me to start sending important articles about Democratic candidates who might just make life better for you and me and most Americans: He and Schumer presented a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15. Such raises do not help teenagers but the average American.


Sanders's rebuttal of Trump:

 Stacey Abrams, who today should be governor of Georgia if voter suppression, throwing out ballots and fierce gerrymandering had not squeeked in the Republican, but it was filled with schmaltz and I just couldn't listen

Finally, Alexandria Osacio-Cortez explains why the people in congress can get away with having no need to answer to their constituents' true needs: they are put there by big money, it is perfectly legal to pay off anyone who would expose your foul conduct over taking these kinds of bribes: the trouble with this is she stays on the surface, but I suppose it can appeal because it does not get at the deep false ideas Americans walk around with:

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