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The first in a while: this time in video, from New Zealand public TV


Today a report from New Zealand, tells a tale of the same kind of corruption that led to Brexit. The Leavers spent well beyond what the law allowed, plus took monies the Brits _are not supposed to take_. It's only in the US that bribery is come to be defined as free speech. Now May came to power on Brexit so that is why she will not hold a referendum. She cares more about herself than millions of people. the same group of people who engineered Trump's win -- Bannon, the criminal types from Israel, the same names that are cited when collusion with Russia is talked about and who Jared Krushner met are the same people who Boris Johnson and Neil whatever his name that slime goes by were all involved in putting huge amounts of well targeted money on Brexit. We were all right to be astonished the day after Brexit and the day after Trump "was elected." And in the UK you can''t get an investigation going because of the parliamentary system and the BBC has not gone near this material.

Only a tiny percentage made for the win for Brexit and a sizable number of people in both cases were prevented from voting (the US) or didn't vote (the UK).

Miss Sylvia Drake


Mar. 3rd, 2019 09:15 pm (UTC)
A state of war exists, and we don't even know it. Vlad does.
My reply: He and Trump and these cliques know who they are who are manipulating these elections. To most of us these are not household names (AOC extracted a few financer names from Cohen) and vast numbers of people are wholly unaware of who the puppeteers are or even that there has been a puppet show. I am told some upper class Brits do know what happened, and their theory is the aim is to cut British wages to the bone once again (referred to as "the Singapore model").

Murray L Brown I fear the the Mueller report will be so stunning that no one will believe it. If he's truly gotten to the bottom of things, it can't be otherwise.

Me: I've come to think that with Republicans in office, all their patsys, none of this matters. Consider their behavior at that Cohen interrogation. This is different from the Nixon years where exposure could bring down a man. As those millions of white bigots, blind working class and lower middle people, they are now inoculated against any facts as "fake news." At this point what could you put out in public that would demand impeachment if all that has been put there has done nothing.

Murray L Brown Yes, they are prepared to receive the word. If he says that word, they will act. They've been poised to do so for more than a generation and they ache for it. I've been watching, quite closely, for a very long time. Trump's already tested the nationalist waters--his dog-whistle rhetoric produced five murders in 36 hours. He will give the nod if he feels sufficiently threatened. I have to believe that.

Me: What do you mean? a coup? Mattis is now gone so there is no one to disobey Trump?

Murray L Brown Yes. That's exactly what I mean.

Me: I don't know what five murders you mean. Perhaps message me?

Murray L Brown No need. There were several race-related murders immediately following Trump's last nationalist speech. One fellow, now dead, texted: "damn the optics, I'm going in!" Then he murdered two people in a grocery store. There were others--all of which, in my opinion, are owing to Trump's dog whistle. There's always the tried and true Republican path to re-election: start a war or three.

Me: Okay I see what you mean. In his testimony Cohen said -- this is before millions of people -- that he suspected (or some such verb) that if in 2020 Trump does not win, he will not agree to leave office. No one responded to that.

Murray L Brown It's the fascist elephant in the room.

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