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In praise of public libraries

A wonderful article, from the NYRB, by Sue Halperin, in the April 18th, 2019 issue, appropriately open to the public and the best thing you could read of general application anywhere this week: Take the time to read it.

Libraries have saved my life, from the 52nd Street Branch on Fifth Avenue, to "my" beloved Folger (from where four of my original projects and writing emerged -- now on my website), and the Library of Congress (just this summer once again). I was also a regular at the Leeds City public library. When I'm not going ot the library (as I did not keep up at the Brotherton in Leeds University) you know something is wrong.

I had forgotten about Wiseman's:  Ex libris .... I long to see it

He teaches you about how social life comes into being by exposing before you the working of the institutionsbehind these, how they function, come into being, sustain themselves, go to pieces, become corrupt or struggle on.
Tags: children's-girls' books, childrens books, memories, reading life, social democracy, social life, us social behavior

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