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On the Espionage Act

This was an act passed in 1916 to stifle dissent against World War One. It was first used most famously against Eugene V Debs; it was under this act the Rosenbergs were killed. Wikipedia explains the act's original context, purpose and history very well: note that it was this act under which Daniel Ellsberg was accused:


Obama revived the act and used it against John Kiriakou for exposing the US gov't torture program:


James Risen in the New York Times gave the recent history:


And now it is being used to indict Julian Assange, says Martha Gessen in the New Yorker:


The Guardian explains that the Trump administration has crossed another line in indicting a journalist:


And finally for those who like a YouTube here is Scahill from the Intercept:

Miss Drake
Tags: criminal justice system, democracy, dictatorship, human rights, obama, politics

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