misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Why labor lost in the UK -- and across the globa fascist dictators are winning elections, just now

I agree with this:  do watch

I have one addition and one qualification.

My addition is that when the democrats, the labor party, liberal social democratic groups win, they don't act on their conviction and truly change the terms upon which people construct their lives. The left has to be as bold and effective as the right has been [-- it has to ignore the billionaire's press and trust to the implementaton of good social policies to win. Remember, the republicans have not yet destroyed ACA (Obamacare), it is that good.

My qualfication is the evil enacted, projected, justified in popular movies, on TV and movie-houses.  I cannot over-emphasize how these mythically individualistic violent tales are poisoning  our culture. I have not found one "hit" or best-seller, not one, not one recent film which is humane, socially feminist -they can crawl under the radar as in Dark Waters, which pulls its punches in the direction of American sentimentality.

Miss Drake
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