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The impeachment show trial is almost over


Will Trump now take his win - for he has won -- as a green light to widen, reinforce and solidify his stranglehold on key aspects of power in the US gov't? A blog on why this impeachment trial by the democrats was so weak, chose such weak grounds, its designed incoherence, and possibilities of a frank coup

Today the Republicans carried on their mass stonewalling of the impeachment articles sent to the Senate by the House of Representatives. They have had lawyers arguing that Trump can do anything he wants if he deems his action "good for the country" -- and he need not consult anyone on what that is. There will be no witnesses called and they will now vote to acquit him of abuse of power and obstruction of justice, the two articles Nancy Pelosi allowed through.

I felt all along that to restrict the charges to two narrow cases was a restriction on the ability of the congress to make it plain to the American people the many breaking of laws, abuse of power, of authority to hurt and obstruct gov't laws and purposes set out in decades before Trump became president. At least they should have impeached him for making money out of his public office and used the finding of the Mueller report for a fourth article. By so restricting it, only a couple of witness came forth in the senate and far far fewer than would have come forth in the House. I know Pelosi was intensely reluctant to start this process and did it only because (she felt) that Trump had become brazen with the publication of the letter and transcript of what he was doing in Ukraine.

Why this reluctance? She knows very well this act of his is only one of numerous acts undermining the US gov't's democracy (such as it is). And in this act she and the democrats are not in disagreement with the imperialist premises and use of violent war and armament as a basis or strong groundwork for what's called diplomacy around the world.

Most deeply, by Aaron Mate:, why is the Democratic case so weak? and it is weak, kept deliberately so

Very few articles in the mainstream press have been willing to say that this process has worked to the favor of Trump's agenda, which appears to be to stay in power --- even if he loses in 2020. I have not written a political blog on LiveJournal for a while because I am so discouraged and find few willing to publicly voice what is happening before our very eyes -- on TV too. But tonight with with the senate endorsement of Trump's behavior for the past 3+ years, the US gov't took another step towards a dictatorship -- that's the explanation a dictatorship of the wealthy the ruthless with a wide base of white supremacists as what they have of a voting base beyond say the top 5 to 10% of the population in the US. Most of the 20th century they had an oligarchy with whites in charge; there were real ameliorations in the 1930s (social security, legislation helping unions, social programs), with a severe backlash after WW2; then a civil rights act expanding voting with another backlash defunding Johnson's war on poverty and moving to mass incarceration and destruction of unions. They worked for a reactionary and evangelical republican party to take over states and the congress.

Their way forward now is to suppress as many votes as they can to win in 2020. And to keep the average American deeply insecure in all sorts of ways. A good example of this effectiveness is the black woman who should be governor today in Georgia is not. Deep insecurity: all the attacks on the ACA, public schools, public transportation, the different agencies. If Trump doesn't win, I would not want to predict he will be made to leave. The ultimate aim is to put the US population in general back to the condition of the McKinley years.

Here is The Trump Coup to Come

The senators would not have been willing to get up on TV in front of the American people if a sizable number of Americans weren't indifferent to truth, law and a three-part elected congress a genuine democracy.  We didn't have a violent riot in Richmond Virginia but a huge numbers of people came to demonstrate loaded down with fearful weaponry to declare they are wholly against the least gun control. Governor Northam was said to have called in the FBI to arrest three leaders and a massive state police presence was also there. All this bodes very ill for 2020.

I have found a few in Truthdig, Common Dreams, the Nation, to make explicit what this show trial has done -- it has shown Trump that he is in effect above the law. He can function that way and today he moved to destroy medicaid by re-organizing the funds so states can do with the money they want.  HIs administration the other day moved in courts to stop the working of the ACA disallownig insurance companies form refusing to insure people based on pre-existing conditions. He banned yet more black and Muslim people from emigrating to this country. He endorsed an official apartheid programs for Palestinians in a deal with the Israeli gov't which ignores United Nations laws forbidding the taking over of the west banks by Jewish settlers. Bombings; a nuclear warhead now for an active submarine. Even such a small thing as washing the pieces left over from chickens' corpses with harsh chemicals before you sell them so you don't have to watch out for the chicken's welfare at all while it is alive. The list is just endless.

The Impeachment Defense is Incoherent by Design

On PBS tonight Woodruff, Brooke and Ruth Marcus were glad that the DNC is changing its rules to allow Bloomberg to be part of the public democratic debates on TV. They hoped he does something to stop Bernie Sanders momentum, which they dislike and fear.  The mantra is he can't win.  How terrible is a socialist agenda. Their voters will not vote for other people they averred. They were gladdened to see Amy Kobuchar doing better.  The DNC did not changes its rules to allow Cory Booker or Julian Castro to stay in the race.

To conclude, there seems to be no day in the year where Trump and his Regime are not about some bad and/or lawless act to hurt or to maim or to kill or destroy someone somewhere. All the time doing all they can (and refusing to do what they should) so that what is left of the US democracy and supportive educational social world is corroded, poisoned, erased. What will this US world be like 4 years from now if he wins or (worse) if he loses, refuses to leave and the US gov't as we've known it collapses. Oh yes it can and is happening here.

A rescued Koala bear in Australia

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