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The mindset actuating fascism is everywhere now in the US

I came to this conclusion after it seems to me a long while of confronting US culture as seen on public media -- movies, newspapers, mass market books, TV series, whole cable channels.

This culture was most thoroughly and originally described and defined by Klaus Theweleit in his Male Fantasies (2 volumes).

Recently in her Frantumalgia, Elena Ferrante frequently alludes to her sense that
it doesn't matter who is elected as all the political parties in Italy are (culturally) fascistic. Ahe muses about the context of her books and her life and other acts and the larger political world. For example, on p 27 of "Reinvention of Troubling Love" (her novella was made into a movie) she is talking about "an article that appeared in Il Manifesto that she says "I think captures well the relationship between the femininity of Alessandra Mussolini and Fascism as an 'anthropological' fact in Naples." Her point is the context for the whole relationship of the characters in the book is the cultural fact that Neapolitan life is fascistic. Much of the earlier part of the book has material on her earlier books -- talking about women's "entangled" bodies in this (troubling) culture. These ideas are not articulated as a definition in the way of the German book; they are felt and inform the book. Looking at it I'm struck that when a girl she must have been given the Aeneid to read and what she did was try to read it from Dido's standpoint as a woman and found it was a terrific struggle. She wasn't given books from and about women so she had to make do with the suicidal Dido.

What prompted my outburst? 
About 3 months ago Comcast said it was dropping Starz. It's about to drop it and guess what it now says I can have Starz if I just pay another $5 for a few months and then $10 or $20 a month hereafter. I've learnt once your fee goes up for Comcase it never comes down. The offer is good from February 5th to 28th: Outlander the fifth season begins February 16th. I pay Comcast a fat fee every month for 4 tiers and my internet access. That's enough.

So this morning I was tempted to subscribe to Starz just to see the fifth season of Outlander and looked at their other programming I was horrified by how it fit Thelweleit's book; it's just like FX. I find Outlander to be the only "odd" item out. It's odd because it is based on a woman's historical romance, centrally a woman's book, women's outlooks, the costume from the European past.  But I admit it too has fascistic tendencies -- here's a nugget definition -- highly sexual violence -- seen in the last two episodes of the first season of Outlander Writ Large, shockingly even. Listening today to DuMaurier's King's General (her books an unacknowledged central source for the Outlander universe) I recognize it's proto-fascistic (as are so many of her books), because she has again drawn a central character who is cruelty incarnate -- thought the "thrust" (the interpretation) of DuMaurier's books could go elsewhere. They could be on the side of the gentle souls vulnerable usually found in her books. King's General is also anti-war book (and Outlander has anti-war sequences) -- showing the misery, destruction, horror of death, senselessness of such violence.

At any rate I did not subscribe; I looked to see cancellation policy I could not find when I am allowed to cancel, only how to do it. I tried phoning and no one answered the phone within the time the tape said they would. Then I tried "contact us" and got a boilerplate about how to cancel, which did not tell me when, and also told me how sorry the service was they couldn't cancel for me. I must do it myself. This reminds me of Dickens's Circumlocution office in Little Dorrit.

I am not sure how many hours is the fifth season and then I read there will be a long hiatus between the 5th and 6th season as there has been between the 4th and 5th. So I am paying $10 and more each month for 10 programs and then nothing for a year and a half or more. And supporting fascistic programming.

I am taking a movie course where the third choice is a Cannes film festival winner, an Italian gangster movie, The Traitor. It's become if you want to join in socially, you almost cannot avoid such perfunctory cruelty, misogyny, and all that makes for fascism rolled together.

By the way, but related, Hillary Clinton's behavior over the victories of Bernie Sanders make me regret I voted for her. Or regret that I told anyone I did and said in public I supported her. I should have kept my vote to what it was: strategic against the vile depraved criminal type we now have a president.

It's everywhere in literary studies, from the serious treatment of celebrity to the castigation of Mary Beard's The Shock of the Nude.

Miss Drake

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