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The way to stop Bloomberg is not to vote for him in the primaries

Friends and readers,

This week's important story: in the New York Times how Bloomsberg poured hundreds of millions into philanthropic and other causes, to individuals and institutions to build a web of influence, power, patronage:  Nicholas Kulish and Alexander Burns: now too big to offend

Deep pockets funnelling millions everywhere

In a nutshell, it is being said that Bloomberg is he only democratic candidate who can beat Trump. That he rather than Sanders can beat Trump. There is no proof whatsoever this is true. There has been no election. The man is buying ads and buying adherence, calling in his patronage network, his capitalist allies for many years and so this kind of thing is being heard. But where are the votes to prove this?  the sad example of Elizabeth Warren is before us. Everyone said she was a front runner; she was treated as such. Yes people came to her rallies and they were giving her money. But when it came to the first two elections: she came in third or fourth. If few or no one votes for Bloomberg, he can't win.

Primaries are the ordinary person's most important vote. This allows the people who will run for the office itself to run. Bloomberg can be stopped. If no one votes for him in the primaries, no matter how much money he spends & whatever complacent voices shout, he will be out. We do have that power.

I repeat:

"Everyone" said Biden was front-runner and Warren a real "contender" (remember that word). Well it turns out people are willing to give her money and show up for her rallies but they are thus far in these two small states not willing to vote for her. We cannot know why they are unwilling because people don't tell the truth to pollsters necessarily; they tell what is socially acceptable to say. Biden must start to get votes by South Carolina because he has been fifth -- behind Klobuchar!. We can stop Bloomberg by not voting for him in the primaries -- each of us has one primary to vote in.

Look at his record:  he worked to spread charter schools, and defund public schools so to privatize education; he presided over a huge inflation of housing costs in NYC (rent control, rent stabilization are not part of his agenda ever); he hurt African-American people by maintaing the stop and frish policy (which leads to incarceration for years for black people), his statement that lending money to African-Americans in 2008 led to the financial crisis is blaming powrerless victims of redlining when it was bankers' policies in many areas (unwise investments, speculations, ending of regulation which forced them to keep a certain amoung of assets on hand); I have never come across him being for public transportation until this campaign when he assures us he can get it done - then why did he not try any of this when he was mayor; now sexual harassment and a culture of discrimination against women in his companies is surfacing ... The man is a very very rich man and is opening trying to buy the presidency.

What this will do is reinforce all those forces and elements that are turning the US oligarchy in a dictatorship of the many by the few.

He may be a competent successful business man but that is not the same thing as governing a country. To govern one needs vision, one needs to represent the people in that country, their views, understand their needs, the lives they live. There is no evidence Bloomberg even thinks to do this. We are desperately in need of filling agencies to do social services, of putting the US gov't back on track to fulfill people's needs -- someone who can think what these are, and that includes measures to increase social community, public events for people to join. Has he ever thought of disabled people? Yes he believes in climate change, but everyone knows we are having climate break-up.

Do not vote for this man on the grounds he can beat Trump. There is no proof for this whatsoever. He has not gotten one vote outside of the votes he won to become Mayor.  As politician with a wide constituency he is like Pete Buttigrieg. Yes NYC is bigger than South Bend, Indiana. But it's the same office.

The cynical strategy/gamble is this. Bloomberg doesn't enter any contest until super-Tuesday. Meanwhile he spends grossly on TV ads, and he gets the backing of rich and powerful people, the well-connected, the comfortable.They all repeat the mantra he is the only one who can win and make like this is for sure true. Their endorsements are no evidence at all. But he hopes these endorsements and ads will fool people into voting for him and then if he gets enough he can begin to have evidence he's electable. Now his record, his past doesn't matter. Look he's a businessman -- successful. Have we heard that one before. Thus he skirts democracy, plays a game with it -- and relies on our fear of not beating Trump, our fear of Trump.

This is how he bought a third term as major in NYC: how for years he's been funding all sorts of candidates, officials, institutions, paying people off to silence them as well as win endorsements -- scroll to listen to Blake Zeff and Yasmine Taeb --  how he uses his money

Do not vot out of fear.  Remember what Roosevelt told us: we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Do you act in your own life out of fear or is caution and planning and calculation to help yourself more your mode?  If you actually are for Bloomberg, that's another perspective. But don't pretend to vote for him because you are afraid Sanders can't win. He can win. He almost won the democratic nomination in 2016 - he was thwarted by the DNC, the newspapers, the media, the same people who are trying to end his campaign now. Crazy stories like he imported 7500 people into New Hampshire for his rally.  Those people at his rallies were New Hampshire voters.

It appears that Bloomberg, his millions, his powerful patronage network, and the adamant refusal of a substantial part of the Democratic party leadership to permit any genuine social liberal democrat to become president because they don't want fundamental change either in domestic or foreign policy, may lead to Bloomberg getting the Democratic nomination for president.  We have the power to stop them. Trump took his nomination over the protests of most of the party regulars at the time.

Worried I say, I write to say the argument we are hearing from new media, from newspapers, from pundits on mainstream media, from Democratic leadership and people is false.  They don't want fundamental change, don't want to do what is necessary to stop the increasing inequality, want imperialism abroad, mostly unqualified capitalism domestically There is no proof whatsoever that he can beat Trump

Think of Bloomberg's record: no effective rent control measures; I remember how Koch built housing for people; putting money in charter schools is to take  it from schools where children learn together, to take it from the public; his policy was was not just frisk people but terrorize neighborhoods with a heavy cop presence; his company has been sued for sexual harassment. Imagine blaming the vast recession of 2008 on loans to black people money to work to own some property.  What kind of ignorance or delusion or prejudice could lead him to say such a thing? or, to put it another way who was he aiming to please? He was for cutting social security, medicare and medicaid. who is doing this now?

Don't be suckered in by another con-strategy. Haven't we had enough of millionaire businessmen?

Miss Sylvia Drake

NB: Update after democrats debate: Bloomberg showed himself to be an arrogant creep .....!
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