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Fairly dangerous illness spreads across earth; Trump regime'll do nothing but lie & silence others

I presume many people here realize -- maybe a majority? probably do -- that COVID-19 is spreading across various countries and nothing, NOTHING, is being done by the Trump regime about it. What's more they are determined to do nothing. When the head of HHS says they have plan (s), it's a lie. Pence would have no idea what to do and would probably be against any measure that might irritate Trump -- Trump is against anything that might interfere with profits in any way. I gather he does not begin to understand or if he does, he does not care (who dies). 
On DemocracyNow.org, Goodman had an expert she's had before. It was she who said that Trump had fired 80% of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) budget, and eliminated (disbanded) a unit created by Obama as a central place for dealing with outbreaks like Ebola -- because it was invented by Obama. That one of the measures that should be done right now is to test all pneumonia patients in hospitals for the virus. A California hospital balked at testing one patient who it turned out had coronavirus because although the doctor thought he had it, the staff said it didn't git the criteria. That means they were saving money.
A Republican senator questioning Azar if a vaccine became available would be be amade available to all The guy said no as this would interfere with drug companies inventing important discoveries.
They are lying and intend to do nothing and keep lying. One idea Trump has is this is a democratic plot to make him lose the coming election and fake news. Anything Trump doesn't like that threatens him is a Democratic plot and fake news.
It's said on average 5% or 2-4% of people contracting this highly contagious virus will die == already a huge amount of people have sickened and considerable numbers died

No gov't agency is supposed to tell anything to the public about this until they get permission from Pence so I write this blog

2/28 update: Trump now going around saying all that is said about the coronavirus is a hoax: there is nothing to worry about; it's all intended to discredit him and prevent him from being re-elected. I kid you not. He said this.

Miss Drake
Tags: danger in the streets, dictatorship, global warming, govt shutdown, human abuse, trump menacing clown

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