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Chomsky & Sanders: as yet only if middle class willing-to-die-by-1000s, can they stop isolating

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When I read the articles I have chosen to link in here, I just shake with terror and worry for the future. This particular ones shows that by design as well as incompetence an attempt to produce adequate PPE by companies and people using the tax money and hitherto organizational power of the US federal gov't was thwarted and then lied about:  Why nurses are wearing garbage bags in the US while they work from the New York Times.

Before these articles, I want to link in two talks -- one by Noam Chomsky on DemocracyNow.org and the other by Sanders.  Think of this as an analogue to PBS where Judy Woodruff presents Mark Shields and David Brooks every week.  This is just an obscure blog and my two witnesses will not appear every week. Chomsky's value is that he puts altogether what has happened since January and makes it clear that Trump and his regime are centrally responsible for the inability of the US population to protect itself unless we all just stop working and going out and self-isolate and that there is no stable productie future for us as a whole people as long as this man is in power as president.

The Disastrous state we were led into and are kept in as of now

As this is not available as a YouTube I cannot put the video in straight but you must click to see and hear. The advantage is that unlike YouTube this news broad cast provides
a transcript.

A few statements I'd like to call attention to:

the facts are very clear. China very quickly informed the World Health Organization last December that they were finding patients with pneumonia-like symptoms with unknown etiology. Didn’t know what it was. About a week later, January 7th, they made public the fact to the World Health Organization, the general scientific community in the world, that Chinese scientists had found out what the source was: a coronavirus resembling the SARS virus. They had identified the sequence, the genome. They were providing the information to the world.
U.S. intelligence was well aware of it. They spent January and February trying to get somebody in the White House to pay attention to the fact that there’s a major pandemic. Just nobody could listen. Trump was off playing golf or maybe listening — checking his TV ratings. Yesterday, we learned that one very high-level official, very close to the administration, Peter Navarro, in late January had sent a very strong message to the White House saying this is a real danger. But even he couldn’t break through.
What happened over ventilators is typical of the US lack of any health system; all we have are capitalist enterpreneurs who make goods when it is very profitable for them;
otherwise not. The logic of profit in industry which is to produce a produce only at the last minute it might be needed is the way hospitals work all the time:

Well, the Obama administration did make an effort to try to prepare for this. And this kind of dramatically reveals the kind of factors that are leading to catastrophe. They contracted with a small company that was producing high-quality, low-cost ventilators. The company was bought up by a larger one, Covidien, which makes fancy, expensive ventilators. And they shelved the project. Presumably, they didn’t want competition with their own costly ones. Shortly after that, they turned to the government and said they wanted the contract ended. The reason was it was not profitable enough, so therefore no ventilators.

Sanders suspended his campaign for president this past week and here is what he had to say:


Over the past 11 days since I last posted here, I've been posting on face-book individual items I'll now share:

Trump is gutting our democracy while we are most of us in self-isolation and crippled from defending ourselves.

A few thoughts:

So a few thoughts this morning: The incident over firing the captain reminds me of Mutiny on the Bounty, a deeply reactionary book which comes down on the side of never mutiny. It says no matter what the highest authority says or does you must obey. (This would take us back in logic to whipping and pressing, which are torturing in public and kidnapping of people to force them to serve militias.) But there is a understanding between an officer and his men he will not gratuitously throw away their lives, which is what the Trump administration is expecting -- or was. One group that can stop a coup by Trump is the military -- it does have a large minority group in it. But it could also back him. Hispanic are not necessarily at all democrats.

I now understand what is happening with medical equipment: on PBS Woodruff bought it out last night. She interviewed several governors. When medical supplies come to the feds instead of handing it out fairly, they give it to private companies who are gouging, hoarding, and the governors are bidding against one another and federal gov't who is favoring some groups of the society against the others. Hers is the only program to show this. Piracy too: USA is a highly vindictive society; the captain did what was right - if he had not, probably nothing would have been done for his crew. On the subject of Medical equipment, there have been international shipments from US firms intercepted at international transhipment stages and redirected to USA. One case is

I hope no US company discovers the vaccine for then it will be withheld and used as a weapon. Trump is now set to filch billions from the taxpayer and they are talking of another "stimulus bill."

US accused of piracy

Here are the questions we should ask: who are these people from the federal gov't who are stopping bought equipment for health care workers
and people in the US from getting to those who bought them (governors): are they US military? are they the mercenary armies hired by the US government like Blackwater? who is paying them? why do the sellers listen to the federal gov't. Is it the large sums the federal gov't can send (Trump has now trillions at his disposal). Is it threats? what kind?

On strategies to end this isolation:

Another question: With no testing program in place in the US and none projected, how will the US get back to working in usual or in person ways? Will the moron tyrant declare it's the day, and we are all expected to return? Universal and thorough testing would reveal what numbers of people have been infected, who has remained asymptomaic, perhaps who has developed anti-bodies. Fauci, remember, says the virus will come in waves. How many years will that take? such viruses were one endemic in many countries. Just there. Many US kinds of businesses just can't survive without people. Is anyone anywhere asking this question aloud?

Here is how Germany is coping with COVID19 and how it is now beginning to have some success. By comparison what is happening in Mississippi:

people going literally hungry; these are the people where COVID19 (see an article in the Wash Post) is not being counted for they dare not go to hospital. Anyway most of them cannot afford a car. Profoundly shameful USA Two grocery stores in a vast region are price gouging. These are the people (yes often African-American) from whom the malevolent lying tyrant Trump (with his spray-tanned face mask) took food stamps: there are no words to capture how deliberately fatal and cruel this action is.

I cannot understand how a man who says he will not send desperately equipment to thousands & thousands of citizens at risk of terrible deaths, & then brings his son-in-law on to back him up, is not removed from office, except this way: the level of mind of people who publicly support this man would and did and do support (in effect) extermination camps.

I ask
who could carry on supporting this man and beyond the shockingly very narrowly self-interested wealthy, and congressmen I came up with the level of mind of people who publicly support this man are those who would and did and do support (in effect) creating concentration & now (with COVID19 in them) slow extermination detention prisons (for example at the borders of the US).

The US is in fact being done in by a lack of central effective organization to contain the virus. Numbers are soared, have soared especially in the last week and one half.

A natural calamity made much worse. Done in by whom and what you ask? John Hopkins statistics continually updated. We are now the worst off of any country in proportionate numbers of sick and dying --

As to elections, here is Linda Greenhouse on what happened in Wisconsin last week as a result of court orders: a thwarted electorate: if you want to vote you have many obstacles plus risking developing COVD19:

I despair that we in the US can come back by next year unless we are willing to let thousands and thousands die because Trump and his regime will not institute a plan for testing across the population; are in fact in the vast budget continuing to cut all social services wherever they can get away with it, and have again this bill round tried to gut social security. It's not as if, it is that this regime is behaving in such as way as to impoverish and render helpless (and now isolated thoroughly) the people who live within the borders of its control.

Miss Drake

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