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President Obama's message to the Class of 2020

As I listened to him, looked at him, I just felt like crying. "When an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, in 2014, the United States and China, the world's two largest powers, responded in starkly different fashions. The Obama administration dispatched the 101st Airborne and other troops to build treatment hospitals, and donated more than half of the 3.9 billion in relief funds collected from gov'ts world wide. Within six months, the outbreak was under control, and the US-led effort was hailed as a template for handling future epidemics" (Evan Osnos, New Yorker).
Who can doubt that if Obama had been president this past January he would have set the unit he set up to deal with pandemics into operation, that he would have immediately acted to contain the virus by starting everywhere "sheltering in place" suggestions and orders, gotten states to follow by February, begun wide-spread testing and tracing (like New Zealand and South Korea did), and the virus would have been partly contained. That we would not be in this catastrophic disaster with well over 80,000 now dead, a collapsed economy, 40% of people unemployed (when Trump came into office unemployment was 3%), with millions w/o health care ...

Lest you missed President Obama, cannot locate this video, or would like to see and to listen again:

IN case you want to know what having a mild version of coronavirus is - the man did not go to the hospital, and took only 2 aspirins, read Recovering from Coronavirus" at Spitalfields.

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