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President Obama's eulogy for John Lewis

He is also speaking to us today:

The US federal gov't has now turned life in the US for a vast vast number of people into a nightmare that is real. We are in the US up to 150,000 deaths in four months. Congress went home without passing a relief bill at all, Trump shrugged his shoulders. After trying out postponing the coming election (but he's not done) he ranted about fraud. He's back to making fun of the public with ludicrous solutions. And trying to destroy the Post Office now. What will be next if he should win or successfully cheat once again to take office for 4 more years
A professor of epidemiology speaking on BBC now says three things needed - effective social distancing, effective track and trace, and control of incomers. He instanced New Zealand and Taiwan, who have effectively eliminated domestic transmission of the virus; their cases are from incomers, who are controlled. This is easy for islands, much more difficult for adjoining landmasses. The UK has brought in 3/4 lock-down in northern England in the Manchester area, extending into parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
He says life in NZ now back to normal (pre-virus), with one exception - foreign travel, and that one can travel, but are quarantined on return. He says other alternative is Sweden - do nothing, let the virus rip; extra deaths, no end in sight. That is US, us here on this landmass between two oceans, Canada to the north, Mexico to the south.

Everyone in the US who cares in the least about their future (life itself, money) must go out and vote in November (on foot, in person, for however many hours) for Biden. Don't trust to anything (no mail in, no absentee ballot which can be thrown away): go to the polls and vote there, for it's the best chance you have of being counted.

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Jocelyn Harris

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