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Last week's Democratic national convention (1)

Dear friends and readers,

I've not posted about last week's convention because I had mixed feelings over who spoke, and what subjects were brought up (see below), but this week while Trump is playing his circus with half of his speakers his family, two utter sycophants, to frame a world of lies and detract from the 176,000 dead thus far, bankruptcy of millions, and destruction of US social agencies and science projects, pollution re-instituted, the ACA defunded, and now social security and medicate's very mechanism of funding stopped and the post office sabotaged, where many people will send their votes, I thought ought at least to put on my blog - to remind anyone who wants to listen or to watch, of the important truthful speeches of Obama, Sally Yates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The blog ends with a truthful critique and debate between Cornel West and Ben Jealous and today's last outrageous theft reported: yet another two people close to Trump and other of his cronies have been engaged in stealing billions from a fund they promoted to build a wall, while the wall itself is already corroding to pieces.

So, here is a compilation of, 4 of the most cogent important speeches from last week's Democratic convention: Obama, Yates, Warren, and Sanders. This is intended the alternative to remember this week as the lies of Trump's family & sycophants dominate TV. My coda is a genuine assessment on behalf of what the democrats are doing to win and then as a good plan to govern (to start with) and the latest fraudulent stealing of US taxpayers money: billions have vanished into Bannon and other people's pockets and an eroding wall (already cracking) as a result of the circus "We Build a Wall" projectl

President Obama really tells the truth about what Trump has done, and how all our liberties, our rights, our ability to live decently and our very democracy is now at risk:

Sally Yates, formal Acting Attorney General, for the Justice Department tells of how she was fired from the Justice Department for refusing to disobey the law and act utterly unethically:

Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, outlining some of Biden's proposal social plans for infrastructure, job building, schools; she emphasized the importance of young child care which she couldn't have done without (she had an aunt to do); my daughter, Izzy, would not have been ready to go to kindergarten without early childcare intervention for her autism. Listen to this beautiful speech: we don't have to give our tax money to billionaires and crooks, but will be able to see it used for ourselves

Last Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, who I voted for for President:  his vision is the one which would save all of us for a long time to come; he argues that Biden will do a lot of this, and certainly the spirit that Sanders embodies is the one Biden will:

If you click here, you will hear a discussion between Ben Jealous and Cornel West about what is so crucial about what is on offer and if we do not win, what will destroy our country, turn it into an impoverished white supremacy fascist world. With West I wish more had been said, I wanted more time for AOC, to hear Rev Barber instead of Colin Powell; I thought John Kasiich's full speech an insult to Biden:  Biden does not need this man to show that we can trust Biden not to make the many reforms needed beyond getting back to where we were in the first days of November 2016, before this present horrific corrupt and cruel blight was imposed on us. It includes the opening of Biden's speech


What Bannon and three other Trump friends/associates appointees have been doing with the project "We Build A Wall"


The con-man circus display a few months ago:

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