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Last week's Democratic national convention (2)

The FEC. If you were wondering why the FEC does nothing when Trump blasts his evil campaign from the white house, why nothing is done about corrupt bribery, about the open judgement the Russians interfered in 2016 and are doing so again today, you should know that under him, they have no quorum and so cannot process any complaints. They have 350 outstanding matters they have done nothing about:. This is what happens to agencies when a corrupt criminal is president. Don't say Trump does nothing. Don't say he is a moron. Don't think if he's elected you will be able to survive if you don't have a substantial income or money of your own set by. And don't count on that.

The Republican convention is a coronation of Trump: he needs no agenda; he can do what he pleases. Tonight @White House horrifying event is occurring. Wholly illegally Trump is hosting a coronation of himself. Thousands are spent while millions of people go hungry, are in danger of eviction, and thousand are dying daily. Hundreds of people in close proximity w/or masks who have not been tested will become infected and spread a deadly disease. What kind of country and society are we that this can be happening right out in public -- on public property it has been forbidden to use this way?
This week armed forces allowed a white man with an AK-15 to march streets and kill two African-Americans and is only arrested a couple of days later, and then justified by someone called a reporter on a major TV channel. Police murder an unarmed black man getting out of a car to stop a quarrel by firing at him several times in the back. Armed forces allow Nazi groups to threaten and kill protesters with guns, and in the faces of protesters pour pepper spray. These are obscenities acted out on camera on TVs. Who or what is governing this society that allows all this to be legal? justifies it in courts and through its prisons? Horrifying evens like these occurring in the streets in different US cities with protesters put in jail, accused of felonies.

By contrast, Biden's speech:

That of his nominated vice-presential running mate. Here she is tonight in response to what is happening this week:

Miss Drake
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