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Woodward's Rage: another successful con effort by Trump

Remember how plausible Burt Lancaster was as Sinclair Lewis's Elmer Ganty?  Lewis wrote the book, It Can't Happen Here, about the US turning fascist ....

Woodward's book is being presented as hurting Trump but I'm not sure of that: when he told Woodward in effect he was lying he said he did it to stop panic -- that's not unreasonable if it were really true. The truth is he lied because he is against all gov't intervention, because he couldn't see a way to make money from it for his cronies; and he reveled in the idea of democrats and people of color dying. What Trump told Woodward is being treated as truth. One article even tried to explain why Trump had been so foolish as to talk to a writer: it is said in this foolish article that Trump never reads and so doesn't understand the effect of a book. NONSENSE. It's more posturing and lies; he is not a moron to tell a writer "all;" he is a con-man when he talks to Woodward -- and now the idea he lied to keep everyone calm is floated everywhere. Not at all. He mocked the American people with his advice, he confused people with his contradictions; he set up competition between states and cities so they couldn't get the ventilators they bought and stocked them like any blackmarketeer during March.

He is still forcing people to send their children to schools through his governors.
A story in the Washington Post tells of how the governor has forced people to send their children to school, then succeeded in pressuring local authorities to hide the statistics on how many children are getting sick. Is this what people want: a party that is for sickness and death and silencing. 

Trump does not act out of pro-social motives at all... is Woodward another patsy like Comey was for Trump in his speech on TV yet excoriating Hilary Clinton?

Miss Sylvia Drake
Tags: brexit; trump's bigoted base of hatred, capital punishment, capitalism, climate change, covid19 as flue, criminal justice system, police, presidential campaign, prisons, racism, trump extremely bad man, trump menacing clown

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