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Illegal activities of Trump gov't - undermining US democracy & years of treaties

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I gather together a series of stories showing Trump's undermining of our laws and democracy here in the US and abroad, and accompany that with a video of Heather Cox Richardson explaining why he is not arrested:

There's been an accumulation of revelations of what Trump's gov't was doing to undermine and subvert democracy here at home and years of treaties towards allied democracies abroad. So I thought it was time to put some of this here -- to help call attention to it while Biden is trying his best to pass his American jobs and infrastructure bill, one which will were it to be implemented, improve life for millions across the US in all sorts of ways, and lead to thriving of a middle class again, and also abroad to revive our trade, diplomatic and other socially and economically good policies. Much of this comes in the form of summaries of and additional remarks added to Heather Cox Richardson's newsletters, as well as tart qualifications (by me).


Heather Cox Richardson. June 12, 2021. What Trump (and his son) were doing in US foreign policy. There is now solid evidence to show that they were planning to re-align our alliances in the Middle East (what a silly term) so that we would be in an axis (what connotations) with the _central figure) Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia (the monster who had a reporter chopped to death), the (butcher) Netanyahu, and Jared Krushner of the US (a crook). They wanted to "muscle out" the Jordan king (who is now a quiet center of our alliances as he is quietly pro-Palestinian, at least as much as he dares, so a person and country who provide "balance" as it's called). This would destroy the meaning of a treaty hammered out by Clinton in 1994. Krushner told Aaron Miller the past didn't matter. We can do what we please. This resembles Johnson's true attitude to Brexit: the Tories passed some legislation where they openly said they need not honor things they sign with the EU.
Anyway the idea was to stop Jerusalem being a central holy city for 3 religions -- one of the immediate causes of this latest slaughter and destruction in the Gaza strip was a group of fanatic Zionist Jews attacked a Mosque and were protected by police and there was going on an enforced ejection of Palestinians living in Jerusalem.
This blatant immoral ethnic cleansing has by the resumed; it has never stopped. Palestinians have actually to put up with having Jews living on their property or in their houses.
She explains "Critical Race Theory." To be honest, I had no idea what it meant, never heard of it until recently, and this is the first clear account I've come across. It means recognizing that " legal protections for individuals did not, in fact, level the playing field in America."
Well, duh. Not just Black people, but hispanics, LGBT people, women, but the courts acted really biasedly against Blacks. I this past week learned of some Supeme court decisions which deliberately limited the scope of the 14th: it was intended to protect civil and social rights of everyone (original intent) and they scoffed or denied it on the grounds "the Negro" is inferior" so that it is just to deny them equal access to say hotels, transportation, good schools &c. Said this in opinions they wrote. One was 8-1

Heather Cox Richardson, June 10, 2021.  Trump not only had his DOJ investigate reporters, Barr was investigating democratic lawmakers.  This is the action of a police state


Heather Cox Richardson, June 8, 2021  What's happening with our voting rights and with Biden's bill to get the US thriving again, to build roads, infrastructure of all sorts to turn a country with vast groups of people living on the edge of over the edge of poverty into the kind of place where most can be some version of middle class.   Also a place with social ameliorations and helps to make life more comfortable with more opportunities for all -- that's the American Jobs bill.  The GOP there can't bear to make corporations pay a fair share of tax.


Heather Cox Richardson. June 7, 2021 I wish she would stop saying as if it were an explanation of the GOP's determination to restrict voting that all this is weird because these are such popular bills with Republican as well as Democratic voters. Is that all she can come up with? You come to such a conclusion if you think they are a party who want to reflect & please the majority of their constituency instead of people who stand for a dictatorship of a minority of wealthy white men.
Then she tells of three cases of outright corruption between Trump's gov't and corporations paying bribes -- with clear evidence.
What I would like to ask her is, Why is former president Trump not arrested for having tried to overturn the gov't, for having incited an insurrection, and today going round repeating these lies? He is known to have enacted criminal behavior.


And here is her video explaining why Trump has not been arrested because we know now for sure he is guilty of many crimes:

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