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Another update:  9/9/2021:  On the Taliban:  to me it's telling that the group in charge is doing nothing about the closing of 2900 medical centers. That many are closing.  Outsiders (not Pakistan maybe and last night Amy Goodman had someone who said that Pakistan is pro-Taliban and has been supporting them financially for years because the Taliban is anti-India as Hindu and as anti-Muslim, which Modi and his gov't are) hoped that the need for money to keep Afghanistan in the modern world in effect, to help its people, to live decently, would control them.  No such thing.  They couldn't care less if their people die in huge numbers. After all that's getting to God quicker.  And women are animals, evil creatures (Eves who tempt men who are people and thus must be put into burkas, completely covered up) to be beaten into submission if they have any will of their own, and used by men as men please. (A Texas man recently said women's bodies are holders for babies. ) What gets me is no one is blaming Trump - -he negotiated this treaty . It was he and Pompeo who couldn't give a shit about what would happen to the Afghanistan people.

Update:  8/29/2021:  Trump would have done nothing; at this point Biden has evacuated over 117,000 people. The flaws in the treaty are Trump's. People talk as if we were there peacefully; we were not; we were killing and supporting a corrupt puppet gov't doing nothing for its people.

Dear friends and readers,

I return to the way I was writing these  blogs shortly after Trump became POTUS. I was so overwhelmed by what was happening, that I turned just to offering what I thought were the best essays, articles, blogs on the Internet offering analysis of what this man was doing to the US gov't, and what might occur therefore to a majority of people living on the land mass his power reached to.  So now any opinion I feel that I want to share prompts me to think of an alternative view or a qualifying one, which makes a hash or naive of what I might say, or I feel I am  taking too narrow a POV. I don't know enough of what happened over the past 20 years and again recently. I am not even sure of the Afghanistan map -- and maybe many others are not too:

These  reports, interviews, transcripts come from PBS reports (Judy Woodruff), DemocracyNow (Amy Goodman and night after night she had chosen the most revealing information and insight by the people who came to her show), The Guardian (news paper online), Of these all the Guardian is the only one who keeps up the theme of how women are treated by these non-western tribal groups, of which perhaps the Taliban is one of the very worst. Also Heather Cox Richardson, Michael Moore, and the Intercept.

The first set come from DemocracyNow.org (though people appeared elsewhere).   The larger picture where Spenser Ackerman's book links the kind of terrorism that erupts in countries outside the US where the US gov't has thwarted social democracies, have supported the militarists and capitalists who come to extract the natural resources of the country the colonizer power agents want for them. He show the direct links between domestic white supremacist terrorism to foreign terrorists setting up where they can theocracies, Kleptocracies.  Today's crisis in Kabul is the direct result of decades of US War & Destabilization:


Earlier in the week Craig Whitlock was interviewed about his book, The Afghanistan Papers:  A Secret History of the War.  The US public was lied to over the years; things were going badly for the US occupying people; we see the daily corruption from bribes, to taking huge amounts of money intended for re-building by local Warlords; the misery of the bombed people, living in fear


Early on in the Afghanistan war, Ann Wright who helped re-open the Embassy in Afghanistan, resigned in protest over what she saw was going on:


Matthew Hoh, another official who resigned in protest:


Azmat Khan, a woman reporter, on the deadly US air war helped the Taliban recruit people who wanted the invaders out, knew the Afghan gov't was a creation of these invaders


Finally, Ahmed Rashid, author of several books, including Taliban:  Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia:  how these various groups are integrated into interlocking groups.


Separately the plight of women:


Reports coming in about how women in Afghanistan are being stripped of whatever rights they had under the US supported Afghan gov't. The stories are terrifying, poignant, to women here just horrible to have to imagine: These are from PBS Reports and the Guardian and the NYTimes:




Jane Fergusson interviews one woman who is (was) a physician; the Taliban tried to force her to marry one of them, she's gone into hiding; she can no longer drive so sold her car to get money. School will be out, jobs will be forbidden it seems -- it seems there may be a brief attempt to look as if they are treating women as equal human beings, but as the attempt is laid bare for the hypocrisy it is, they'll stop .
Reports also of brutal and murderous treatment of any protests: one attempt to keep a flag up resulted in this. The Taliban people and their colluders in the villages don't value any individual's life at all.

A Terrifying individual reporter's story and that of a friend (still there) from the New Yorker:


On a central Taliban news conference: what they are saying is anything you care to name, that it will have rights, and then, two sentences later, rights as defined under Sharia law.
I saw and heard one of their representatives interviewed separately and he said that they never discriminated against women, never, that it was all false and unfair rumor. The person interviewing (I think, not sure) was a woman (in a sort of burka robe, hair tucked back, but face showing), unsurprisingly she did not push back against that.
I read that reporters asked if they could report freely; certainly, certainly, provided they report fairly within Sharia ...
I am not encouraged. It seems that they will not try to drive everyone back into a nightmare of the 7th century, but how they will interpret Sharia law and if they will be utter hypocrites, say one thing, do another, is not clear. They could. Last week they were still on their assassination campaign; previous behavior almost unimaginable to me (until I read they did this or that by creditable news source) brutality ....
Their behavior is still not sane enough, but then which of the GOP governors is sane? a huge proportion of Americans have been behaving or continue to behave insanely with respect to Trump and COVID.

Turning to newsletters:

Heather Cox Richardson, one of her first newsletters gave a historical account of the US politics driving some of what happned in the 20 years: This seems to me a good and accurate history of what happened in Afghanistan. FWIW (my view and I know we don't have information about what happened militarily in Afghanistan the way we used in Vietnam) but the parallel does break down, especially the US behavior in Vietnam was heinous -- remembering the napalming of thousands and thousands of Vietnamese people by the US,
She brings together the accurate political contexts in one place.
She does not emphasize the terrifying to lamentable position of women in regular Afghan society and what will/may now happen to 50% and more of the population now.


Michael Moore has begun to write weekly newsletters from substack: one has to remember the enormous amounts of money arms manufacturers make. Biden is now keeping his word to evacuate as many Americans and American afghans as he can -- Moore thinks deals were made over this week so that no one in the airport area has been killed, and safe flights are continually being mounted. Joke: the US policy right now is Wheels up. He includes comments from Ann Wright and an Intercept reporter:


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