January 23rd, 2012

Harriet Vane

Two relatively cheering (political) thoughts

Dear friends,

 Since I don't often have even 1 relatively cheering thought, much less of the political type, I'll share these.

Gingrich against Romney is a replay of Goldwater(=Newt as preposterous candidate alluring to nutty & cruel & nasty Republican type people) v Rockefeller (=rich man's candidate who will have banks' interest at heart & be a good puppet for another part of this Republican type; but is also relatively less dangerous). Rockefeller lost because then it was not acceptable to be divorced with a newly married wife who has a baby less than 9 months after the marriage. But when Goldwater beat Rockefeller in California (and thus began the process of destroying the elite "liberal" wing of the Republican party, those conservative in economics but liberal socially and sexually), Goldwater (together with Bill Miller) did lose to Johnson (and Humphry).

That Obama is a kind of Kennedy to Pavlovian Republican types; so it's not just his blackness and a fiercely racist campaign does not address Obama's modernity.

Marianne Gingrich's lawyer is an ultimate super-expensive insider in DC: it was she who attacked Clinton for hours on TV and said he should be impeached for his sexual use of Monica Lewinsky; she is successful in high profile attacks; and she defended Gordon Libby. She comes expensive. Someone is paying her fee and it could be someone who wants Newt out. Fingers crossed the money keeps flowing at her.

Actually that's three relatively cheering political thoughts. I feel like the Count in Sesame Street.

Duncan Grant, A Cat