March 15th, 2012

Harriet Vane

Gary Trudeau's cartoon correctly characterizes the new laws

Dear friends and readers,

I'm told major papers are pulling Trudeau's cartoon as "tasteless" and not "funny:"  the reality of what will be inflicted on women in Texas (and Virginia) is tasteless and not funny.  It is accurate. So I'm reprinting it here to help circulation:

More scary state legislation

A doctor can lie to you on heath and pregnancy issues with impunity; if your employer finds out you are pregnant he can fire you (of course neither need say anything that's actually a literal lie, just omit to tell needed truths). Virginia has passed similar legislation.

Its' an old adage that you get the government you deserve, but seriously, who votes these people in?

Republicans vote them in, that's who. People who in their guts don't want to spend a penny for anyone else's needs but their own, people who are racist (underlying this is the idea that black and colored women don't have the money for abortions or to travel to avoid such machine driven humiliation), and people who want to make women submit to, not be able to turn to anyone outside their family group.

I didn't vote them in. I fear people are nervous to talk about it because they are afraid that others approve of these ugly invasive humiliating techniques.  This fear others approve and silence makes the procedure and all it implies about women, their bodies and sex particularly insidious.

A vote for Obama is now a vote for women's liberty, ownership of their bodies. right to private space, and right to needed health care!