May 22nd, 2012

Harriet Vane

New routs

Dear friends and readers,

This is the first time in years I have no schedule, no deadline, no places I must take someone else or myself.  It's an odd feeling. Perhaps the last time was when we first moved to Virginia and I was so displaced. I was not alone then though: I had Caroline, aged 2 and 1/2 or so. Now I have the Admiral here with me, but it's not the same kind of relationship at all at all.

With the elimination of the felt need I had to do justice to my work on Trollope film adaptations in the scholarly academic or published way, I've been able to let myself float. Look about and see what I am doing and what to do and follow that.

And lo and behold I'm beginning to see some routs emerge. I'm finishing reading Catherine Anne Hubback's The Younger Sister, a continuation-sequel of her aunt Austen's Watsons, which I began during my review of the Later Manuscripts of Jane Austen, Cambridge ed, Todd and Bree, I will plunge into Bad Tuesday -- a complication of secondary reading (including biographies), Austen's novels and letters, as I check through my calendars and material on letters. I start this every day after morning posting (letters, postings, proscrastination, reading other people).

Later afternoon, early afternoons I'm making room and keeping up some every day with the Poldark novels and/or films. . I'm reading Lily Tuck's biography of Elsa Morante, but not in an orderly regular way, often late at night or after supper. ; I have to make room to read Morante's novels in her Italian. I decided that I was not doing the Poldarks right. I read them too far apart and am remaining in the same state of confusion, not really having them richly concrete in my mind, so I've decided to do it differently. One hour a day and keep the films in tandem with the books and consult your notes and outlines as you go. Otherwise you'll not get a handle on it and nothing can come of it (as good writing.)  Can I try to read Italian at night? I'll make the experiment. Never can tell :)

I'm also finding room for a first shared read, Trollope's Kellys & OKellys.  We are hoping to read George Moore late in the summer. I put upcoming books on my three listservs, a couple of which other people have expressed interest in, e.g., Charlotte Smith's The Young Philosopher and Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies (Anne Boleyn book).

Late at night movies and the news. Tonight I watched, the Chicago demonstrations on the weekend, her Monday show and tonight. I was so moved,especially by the Veterans throwing away the vile medals and ribbons. Each of the groups so truthful and earnest, good people everywhere. Then on late Sunday night when the Vets left the police came and began to beat the hell out of all the people left. Yes. What is it with people who become police? I've begun to send her money, $50 the other day to help this news-show carry on.

Fridays I will work on my website

Beyond that there is no order as yet - and really after the mid-morning, afternoon and later afternoon routs, it's not much order.  I have thoughts about women's fiction, historical novels, biographical fiction about women (books to read, ideas of what to do for Elizabeth's story, a possible sequel to the Poldark series). I'd like to try novels like Davis's A Meaningful Life (half-joke alert).

Blogging has to remain spontaneous and catch-as-catch can.

But I feel I am reaching something of a schedule and (to me) creditable goals/modus vivendi.

And not omit the Admiral; tomorrow afternoon he and I will go to a local huge art show, Art-o-matic; on Thursday afternoon an HD opera in Bethesda, Peter Grimes. He is practicing reading aloud from Joyce's Ulysses: we are going to participate in Bloom's Day (June 16), 3 different events across the day.

I put this here to have it in front of me