June 18th, 2012

Harriet Vane

Rodney King dead at 47

Dear friends and readers,

A couple of days late: I've been reading about Rodney King's life and death since that ferocious beating, the acquittal of the cops who did it, and the riots.

I want to say how my heart grieves for him. Every time I've seen him on TV or elsewhere tears are just brought to my eyes. Poor man to die so young. He was a victim; for him the torments of life are over.

By chance I watched the silent march to NYC Mayor Bloomberg's stupendously rich house in its stupendously rich neighborhood: organized by the NAACP it's about stopping these foul Stop-and-frisk searches NY City police do continuously it seems on black, hispanic and poor men. The last time the people protested, the figure was in the single digits of thousands for the year, now it's 800,000. On Democracynow.org Amy Goodman included a clip of this Mayor: he has no respect for other human beings whatsoever, only his rich friends probably. How I loathe that grating commercial that begins each and ever opera on HD from the met with how his gargantuan company is watching the world every second of every minute of every hour in every city ...