July 17th, 2012

Harriet Vane

Global heat: the heat is hotter than it used to feel

Dear friends and readers,

Diary entries:

7/17 at around 8 pm:  I'm talking real heat, people. The sun is not kidding with us Were it not Dizzy Miss Lizzy doing the Brontes we would not venture forth. It promises to be great fun. Allusions to Eliot will not do ("Oh do not ask what is it ... ") As we walk out the door, for what we are about to receive may we be truly thankful ... Capital Fringe in a tent.

7/18 at around 2 pm: Oh Wow. I think the heat is hotter out there. Burning burning air..Sylvia

Caroline: It was 90 this morning at 8am. At this rate the sea levels will rise next decade and you and dad will own waterfront property.

Last night Yvette came with us into DC for the Capital Fringe Festival.  for the first time this season. She wanted to go to the Dizzy Miss Lizzy hour (so to speak). We were in a tent and it was 9:15 or so pm when it started. Still it was nearly unendurable -- partly because it was so crowded with people. We've bought across the 2-3 weeks as we enjoy these things and they are inexpensive ($13 a ticket is average). But it means going out there. The admiral says it will get hotter too. He predicts people will begin to move north when for decades (and longer) the tendency has been to move south. Pussycats feel it and sleep more.

Caroline  Hey, maybe this won't be so bad after all. I can move to London and still feel my toes come November!

Me: It's been superlatively wet in England this summer. Just drenching. You'd have to wear good boots. Just now looked & temp is 100F, w/heat index 109F

Exhausted this morning. Again we went out to the Capital Fringe, this time to see a musical about Helena Rubinstein which must be the worst musical I've seen since I started going to the capital fringe. It was embarassing, excruciating. Since it was in the basement of a stone old church, the room was at least coolish.  Tonight we do out again.

The admiral says it's the heat even if most of the time I stay in in air-conditioned spaces. I go for ice cubes in a glass of Santz Cruz organic lemonade (the admiral bought 8 bottles of the stuff from our local “Whole Foods”) or later in the evening ice cubes in California Riesling wine. I just don't like iced coffee (or home-made iced tea) and there's only so much New York Style Cream Soda (a less sweet carbonated soda) I can drink. I'm not a water drinker.