September 21st, 2012

Harriet Vane

Romney and Sensata

Dear friends and readers,

The story of how Romney's company, Sensata (owned by Baines Capital) took over a company in Illinois, moved the factory to China and fired all the American workers after lying to them to get them to train new workers. How the US people have tried to talk to him, to reach any officials, how this company was enormously profitable but wanted more money by hiring much cheaper workers. Mitt Romney, Job Destroyer.

Bainport, the tent city that has grown up around the plant: showing us what Romney would turn the US into. He certainly cares nothing for the 47%.  Mitt Romney Job Destroyer, Tax-Evader. The whole thing puts me in mind of Moore's move, Roger and me where a man refuses to take any responsibility for those whose lives and work he's used for decades to make himself wealthy.