October 13th, 2012

Harriet Vane

Autumn weekend: a new version of Upstairs/Downstairs starring Me!

Very pretty fall morning. Nippy air. Pale blue sky. Leaves turning color everywhere. I should've kept on my sweater under my new jacket, had a scarf (found in attic knitted by Caroline). 2 pairs of gloves for weather as fingers get so chilled. Still nicest time of year.

Susan La Monte dream picture: seed time.

At Farmer's Market this morning, all showing fall fruit and vegetables: apples, apples, everywhere. Photo of Clary from 2 weeks ago when leaves still mostly green. On coffee table in front room: amid magazines, periodicals ...


And house improvements proceed apace. Must hurry now. Literally up and down, up and down. Stemming the tide of stuff before it gets too cold upstairs. I reinvent Upstairs/Downstairs -- starring me!. In My Upstairs Downstairs Up is low and marginalized, while down is where it's at. Yet must not fall (like the fish I do not want to fall).


Upstairs downstairs (cont'd). (A better name than House improvements?). Took a new direction. Unplugged little fat (heavy) TV in room on library table, together with VHS cassette player (going) and rewinder (just about gone). Haul up. Then weeding out VHS cassettes make a vaster space than I predicted (I have a lot more than I had supposed). Up and down, up and down. Discover 3rd bookcase in attic half broken (aargh!). Carry on regardless. Empty out, indulge in one wild throwing spree. Into any old bin. Subsiding now.

Must shop. (For fall tops for Yvette, nightgowns for me.)  Wonder why I buy anything? Hate hate spending money after all ...