November 23rd, 2017

Harriet Vane

The Internet under direct threat of being turned into a form of Cable TV


The idea is to make it like cable TV; you won't be able to reach what your provider does not want to offer; you will to pay to reach different places; there will be fast and slow lanes, obstacles put in your way; eventually (the aim) is to turn you back into a passive recipient and cut you off from others and the flow of information, insight and companionship I for one have had since 1996.  Here are some explanations:

My ISP is Comcast.  I know they would never support many of the sites I visit regularly: Truthdig, DemocracyNow,org, Naked Capitalism ... these are just the start of what will be hard to reach and find. And a cost structure will be put in place to be prohibitive of much. At the other end, will even Wikepedia be regarded as harmless: after all here is someone who wants to offer something for free, for the social good, is this not socialism? in movies of the 1950s, words like "cooperation" were deleted as anti-competition.

There is little coverage in TV and the main media outlets. They are salivating to be in control of what we see and hear and turn us into passive recipients once again.

Miss Drake