November 23rd, 2018

Harriet Vane

Thanksgiving day: Brazil brutal fascist regime; the Migrant caravan; nuclear & climate disaster


There was an interview worth listening to and transcript for those to read who cannot reach the YouTube or podcast Amy Goodman uses for her an interview by her and Nermeen Shaikh of Noam Chomsky:

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva

Begin here: the horror Bolsanaro is and the destruction of the Brazilian economy he will bring: the crucial political prisoner of our time right now is Lulu: popularly would be elected, now in solitary confinement for a trivial peccadillo:

Go on to: wretched women and children mostly from Honduras, whose condition the US is responsible for:

Then: the looming nuclear war ratcheted up again:

And conclude (one of the truths newspapers ignore is Trump believes in climate change; that is why he is trying to protect a golf course in Ireland by building a wall:

The US gov't now openly says it's okay for the Saudis to commit unspeakable atrocities on reporters of integrity because the arms manufacturers whose money helped put the present Republican regime and he who I will no longer name in power. We also do not let up in supporting the Saudis destruction of Yemen and its people. There are far far more piteous pictures of famine afflicted children but as I write to human being (not those supporting this) I know it's too distressing to use as copy.

Yemen last week