May 24th, 2019

Harriet Vane

On the Espionage Act

This was an act passed in 1916 to stifle dissent against World War One. It was first used most famously against Eugene V Debs; it was under this act the Rosenbergs were killed. Wikipedia explains the act's original context, purpose and history very well: note that it was this act under which Daniel Ellsberg was accused:

Obama revived the act and used it against John Kiriakou for exposing the US gov't torture program:

James Risen in the New York Times gave the recent history:

And now it is being used to indict Julian Assange, says Martha Gessen in the New Yorker:

The Guardian explains that the Trump administration has crossed another line in indicting a journalist:

And finally for those who like a YouTube here is Scahill from the Intercept:

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