February 25th, 2021

Harriet Vane

A 1984 GOP telling Orwellian lies all over; we must end the filibuster & pass Voting Rights Acts

Dear Friends and readers.

What needs to be done is first thing to say. Break the filibuster, pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and stop all these measures intended to make it hard to vote.  Then get after the FFC and refuse to give licenses to news shows which are propaganda and repeats these lies that we do not have a legitimate gov't.  Meanwhile try to pass at state level the National Electoral College act which would have the Electoral College votes for each state brought to a central place and counted as a whole.  Then you would always have as a president someone who was  popularly voted in.

I understand Biden has taken an important first step towards helping people to communicate by the post office -- getting and receiving mail has ever been at the heart of democracies. 
Biden has placed three members on the US Postal services board.  From the news headlines online I see that he is reversing Trump's cuts to finances of democratic cities (who often pay much more state taxes to the federal gov't than Republican ones which tend to be smaller or rural).

This is bye-the-bye but is a visual: Biden has also withdrawn the order that federal and municipal buildins should be in classical colonial style (which Trumps identified with autocracy).


Why is this so urgent - it  is urgent. The GOP would like to make the USA a new version of the 1990s white supremacist South Africa with a very few imposing an iro will on a majority of people.

what Heather Cox Richardson has brought together from this past weeks' news.

" ... party leaders appear to be lining up behind Trump and the big lie that Biden stole the election, entrenching them as a hostile opposition rather than giving them any room to work with Democrats to move the country forward. They are devoting their energies for the future primarily to voter suppression. Studies of Republican voters suggest that they continue to support former President Trump and are turning against anyone who accepts Biden’s victory as legitimate. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) popularity has dropped 29 points among Kentucky Republicans since he broke with Trump. Republicans appear to be solidifying their identity with the former president, at the state level, at least ..."

On Voter Suppression read Ari Berman:  Republicans are taking voter suppression to new extremes

e.g., According to a new analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, 253 bills to restrict voting access have been introduced in 43 states already this year. Georgia is ground zero for the GOP’s escalating war on voting, targeting the voting methods that were used most by Democratic voters in 2020 and which contributed to flipping the state blue and electing two Democratic senators.

On Tuesday, Georgia’s Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan introduced a bill repealing no-excuse absentee voting, which 1.3 million Georgians used in 2020, including 450,000 Republicans


This consolidation around a terrible man who was/is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and lies show these people wanted to kill off as many Black, minority and poor people as they could. They  don't have an agenda except that gov't should do nothing for its people and there should be few taxes for anyone -- except the middle class and poor.

Do not underestimate what could happen if this GOP could get into power again. In Congress right now they are demonstrating their unwillingness to compromise; their unwillingness to work with another party.  Trump is a base hating man, the last few months he behaved openly as a criminal, taking bribes for pardons, pardoning criminals and anyone who was absolutely loyal to him.  The Lancet itself has said he was responsible for more than half of our death toll -- his policies caused these deaths. This consolidation around a terrible man who was/is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and lies show these people wanted to kill off as many Black, minority and poor people as they could. They don't have an agenda except that gov't should do nothing for its people and there should be few taxes for anyone -- except the middle class and poor.

I'm going to go out on a limb here to make my point about these dangerous lies and how we need to act to end them.
If you keep repeating a lie over and over, if those in power and then those writing books and movies repeat it, it becomes thought truth. I know no one or few here will believe that Russia did not intend to take over Poland as a deal with Germany but rather when Germany was about to invade Poland tried to find allies among the capitalist countries and could not, so Stalin signed the pact and himself invaded  Poland to stop Hitler from reaching Russia.  As in the UK, the Russians were not ready for any kind of real war and rushed then to arm. But the other version, has been told so often (to blacken Russia as communists) it's become a kind of truth.   Only if you watch films at the time (especially gov't ones) is the version Russia was protecting itself found.  Here and there in much older texts and sometimes very occasionally in socialist ones.  The most striking persuasive places I've seen the truth that Russia was seeking to protect itself and once the allies got going Stalin joined them -- obviously and took the Russia people into terrific hardship and devastating battles to defeat the fascists.  Hitler's armies when they went into any slav country decimated the people and treated them like subhuman slaves.

Orwell's 1984 is powerful but it is just a fiction.  My above paragraph is true.  This is not the only place where lies have won for a long time. The way the Civil War was taught throughout the US as not being about slavery, about ending slavery but to keep the union together, and for states' rights.  Why was the union ending is the reason:  throughout the south and in the midwest and many northern businesses were  making huge sums based on the brutal enslavement of 4 million people.


The way to counter this is end the filibuster -- a tool left over from states with enslaved people to make the senate a dictator, re-hauled out to allow the South to pass a Jim Crow society repressing a vast minority of their population and now to thwart the popular will in all sorts of issues, including Biden's very popular Rescue package

Again read Cox Richardson

The pandemic has crippled the nation’s economy, and a new The Economist/YouGov poll reveals that 66% of Americans said they support Biden’s $1.9 billion American Rescue Plan; 25% of Americans said they oppose it. This means it is the most popular piece of legislation since the 2007 minimum wage hike. Also popular is the proposed $15 minimum wage hike, which is supported by 56% of Americans and opposed by 38%, making it more popular than anything former president Trump did while in office. More than 150 of the nation’s business leaders are now backing the rescue plan, saying it is necessary for “a strong, durable recovery.” And yet, Republicans are, so far, united against the proposal.

See  my previous blog: Campaign for a National Popular Vote

Democrats and party members are working against the Republicans with now a POTUS at their head.  They have 57 proposals out, he is working to replace all empty judgeships with fair decent and yes (one must) democratic leaning judges.  But it's not enough with the crazed passions and determination of fascism, bigotry (hatred and fear of non-whites and immigrants) and the billions available to corporations who have been growing exponentially since Reagan upended the older fairer (but not truly progressive) tax system.