November 8th, 2021

Harriet Vane

On the pandemic; worrying and hopeful developments in US politics: Heather Cox Richardson 2 letters

I'll add more essays that readers might be overlooking later this week:

Two days of reports from Heather Cox Richardson. Filled with important worrying (from ruthless GOP as now criminal) and hopeful things happening (w/Biden at helm) rightly put
Since as difficult as it is, the senate as presently constituted could get rid of the filibuster or they could modify it permanently or modify it in a give case to let a bill pass w/o 60 votes, I don't understand why the democrats don't do one of these 3 things. The GOP did it to make the supreme court now so conservative.
Does Biden really want to see elections starting in 2022 go to GOP candidates because the voting is so gerrymandered and rules in place which allow GOP people to put partisan people where the counting is going on and allow GOP people to throw out votes. I don't understand.

Miss Drake