November 13th, 2021

Harriet Vane

Why are so many people so cruel to their dogs?

An important article in the Washington Post magazine this morning:

For Caturday. Not just cats, but dogs, horses, birds, chimps, all animals matter. An important article in today's Washington Post magazine: Why are so many people so cruel to their dogs: It is a perpetual great grief to me that the last two years of my dog's Llyr's life I was not what I should have been for her. The last few months I woke up, become aware, the two of us did, she was already aging and then fell ill (cancer) and we kept her going for another year. Yes I was having a breakdown and we were broke, but that is no excuse for neglect. I wish I could bring her back and know some of my behavior to my cats is from memories of the reality that animals, the mammals we keep as close pets have a sensibility and understanding and feelings just like ours -- sometimes I think (in my cats) more loving far.

The cruelty is especially painful to dogs because they are so close to us, so themselves dependent on affectionate relationships. They are more susceptible of abuse and suffering than many animals, though cats' depth is underrated because their eyes do not focus the way human beings do.

Not the slightest concern for this animal shown here ...

The story tells you there are very few protections for animals -- -the standard of abuse is very high. But people can report what common sense tells them is terrible behavior to a dog or cat to a local animal protection shelter/agency.

Here is a list of countries with most protections for animals (most laws) and other criteria:

The UK is No 2, the US No 40

See my blog on the history of animal protection laws: Kathryn Shevelow: For the Love of Animals

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