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My heart is easy

Still (life?) of Jane's manuscript of Emma, Volume I, packed in the suitcase for a trip to Ken, from Miss Austen Regrets (2009, Gwyneth Hughes, Anne Pivcevic)

Dear Readers,


Just now my heart is easy.
I sit and work on my book.
It is not a book of verse,
it is a book whose sober title is
"The Austen Films" -- though maybe 
it ought to be "Austen on DVD" (!). 

It's good, I know it is. 
I'm happy while I'm doing it.
I hope to publish it someday
in paper with covers, hard back,
you know the sort of thing I mean.
But if I do not, what then?

I have these hours.

For another set of sudden verses, "She longs for home ..."

Journalizing, 5/20/10: well, maybe I'm like Samantha Morton playing Sophia Western in the 1997 BBC Tom Jones who protests loudly her heart is easy when it is in great distress. I was yesterday when I thought I had lost two days of revision through incompetent use of my computer.

But this from Wompo:  by William Yeats:

The friends that have it I do wrong
Whenever I remake a song
Should know what issue is at stake,
It is myself that I remake.

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