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A Diary of Thoughts & Doings

Dear Friends,

This is the first of what could be a series of diary entries. I've opened a new blog with my husband, "Ellen and Jim have a blog, Two" (a sequel to "Ellen and Jim have a blog, too").  "Ellen and Jim have a blog, two" is meant really to have essays and meditations on topics where I don't try to work out problems and thoughts or feelings. 

"Reveries" is to record what I do and think as the days and nights go by, with an emphasis on travels in real space and travels in books, art, and movies. I thought I might bring in my daily experiences and memories in deep past too, but am not sure how much. The truth is I often don't care about the here and now beyond that it be comfortable and pleasant for me to read, write, and study -- and nowadays watch films in.  Most of my memories are painful and perhaps embarrassing or too personal (or for others tiresome) to read. When I do meet with friends in cyberspace or the physical world, or teaching I might talk about that.

I'm not sure. I know I love having a blog to write more freely than the kind where I stick to one topic in, and that I write it in the spirit of my original blog.  To an or imagined friends.

So here goes for the first posting here,
Miss Drake


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