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Austen's letters, birthday and my paper published

Dear friends and readers,

On this quiet dark night, with snow making the scene outside my window, wintry looking indeed, I'm glad to be able to announce the reading and discussion of Jane Austen's letters I began on WomenWriterThroughtheAges @ Yahoo is off to a hearty start. On WWTTA, Janeites and Austen-l we've had reasonable readings, information and debate, and have begun to explore tangents. We are reading one letter a week, following the LeFaye third edition of the letters.

It was The Birthday (Austen was born a snow-laden December 16th, 1775), and the day Persuasions OnLine "went live" (as the editor put it to me)  I admit I am so chuffed my paper is among these: I'd rewritten the paper I gave at Portland at the AGM and again st ACESC at the annual borrowing shortly.

The whole new issue of Persuasions oneline, 31:1:

Many are revisions of papers given at the recent Portland AGM, Austen and the Abbey, Burney and the Gothic:

Mine is now "'People that marry can never part:' An Intertextual reading of [the gothic] in Northanger Abbey..

I cut out the fourth novel, Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle, and built up and clarified the sections on Charlotte Smith's Montalbert and Anne Fuller's The Convent.   I corrected the section on Genlis's Duchess of C********* and other two gothics, and brought how central to my paper is Sarah Maza's Private Lives, Public Affairs.

And now I'm working on a paper on the 1974 BBC film adaptation of Trollope's Palliser novels (setting it briefly against the larger framework of other adaptations of his work and his novels) plus reading on the historical novel because I'm thinking of doing a paper on Winston Graham's Poldark historical romances.

Tags: female archetypes, french writers, gothic, jane austen criticism, jane austen novels, jasna

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