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On the disjunction of air and landscape

Dear friends and readers,

I walked out this evening and was for another years struck by the weirdness of early spring in Virginia:

Dank chilled cold air produces lovely flowering trees. Each year I see this I remain surprised.  Pink flowering trees, tulips coming out on their boughs seen in the twilight against a grey-white sky makes for empurpled (Keatsian word) shadows and parasols and candelabras of trees.

This is last year's photo of a tree that hangs over the fence near my study window

Strange beauty from the clash,


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Mar. 25th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
R. Champ: "Ellen, I enjoy your writing here as much as your idea. Few poets have brought out the lushness of the world as well as Keats, so your use of a Keats world is appropriate. I also like you paradox of the cold and the flowering tree existing simultaneously and with a relation to each other."

I thanked him. E.M.
Mar. 26th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
After a video of a flowering tree in the cold wind
Bob just shared a live video of a tree with me. In my neighborhood most of the trees are just beginning to sprout and to flower. We have many along our sidewalks in my little cul-de-sac area of Alexandria. The photo is from last year though the tree is almost that way today -- not quite so blown. The tulips are still distinct to look at.

The tree is getting there, but what can happen is between today and say 4 days from now it could rain or snow (worse yet) and then the flowers droop and wilt. Very delicate and the flowering doesn't last long anyway. The tree begins to sprout green leaves just as it reaches full flowering and the green buds shove out the pink petals. Very fragile this beauty, not lasting at all.

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