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Reveries under the Sign of Austen has moved

Dear friends and readers,

I found that I couldn't take the constant interruption of service, which included occasional disappearance of the LiveJournal site and freakish misworkings of its software. So I have moved all my blogs to wordpress, where you will find Reveries under the Sign of Austen, Two All 207 blogs, all 1198 comments are now over there. The pictures could not be imported with the same ease so I have left the pictures here and they are forwarded to the Wordpress blogs where they appear in the blogs they are meant to be part of. I'm told that if one cancels one's account, Livejournal does not take down blogs or their contents; I will for at least another year, maybe longer, continue to pay the $30 fee to keep these pictures and my site commercial-free. So now I leave this now duplicate copy of my blog here.

For any further blogs on Austen or any of the subjects I characteristically treated you must go over to Reveries under the Sign of Austen, Two Here is my explanation of the purview of the new blog:  A continuation.

I may from time to time post autobiographical or seasonal or travel blogs -- which I have also put here.  The name of this new blog of life-writing is MIss Sylvia Drake:  Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Cheers to all,
Ellen Moody
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