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And now the hurricane ...

Dear friends,

A follow up to "The Earthquake." That was blessedly small, not this. Though the cats were not troubled. I'm journalizing this morning.  

I went to bed around 10:00 pm last night and woke at 3 and could not get back to sleep. I found at that moment we did have power so I got back online and wrote a diary-entry:

8/27/11 Well, this is not as bad as when I was 3 and again 4 in Wading River, Long Island (hurricanes Carol one year and Diana the next) as we are nowhere near the eye of the storm. 

Then I, my aunt, three cousins, and mother had to wait for my father to drive from NYC to rescue us -- 2 hours there and back.  We drove to NYC for two hours. I did see a roof fly over us, and trees break as we went.  It was terrifying.  Dark skies and huge sounds. 

When we got to our apartment, my cousin Bobby (then just a tiny baby of some months) slept in my crib with me. I don't remember where Pat (my girl cousin, just my age) or Richard (a year or two older) slept.  In those days there was not anywhere near the pre-information, any where near the orderly evacuations, and much less help for individuals and families.  

The memory does not just well up; it's never left me::  like the Long Island Sound off the North Shore. The family house -- first built by my uncle Bill and Aunt Helen, she my father's older sister, and then bought by my father and grandmother -- was near the cliffs of the North Shore. Perhaps once or twice the hurricane hit directly on the North Shore; if it did not hit the second time, it hit not far from the North Shore.  Usually the pebbled beach was yards and yards stretching out from the high cliffs, and there was a wide road climbing up from the shore to the top of the hill which people could walk down -- or cars drive.

I still remember seeing the waters come up that cleft in the mountains to near a popular bar at top, Freddie Aylmer's bar.  Dark rushing waters.

As to tonight we ate early:  bowls of spaghetti with an eggplant, cheese and tomato sauce (made by the Admiral) washed down with wine. We listened to the wonderful NPR whose music all summer has been superlatively good. I read until I couldn't any more and then made a blog for a great little book, David Powell's Charles James Fox.

Then to bed.

And now for
this dark time before dawn.

The word amazed overused but I'm slightly amazed. In our little house and the neighboring houses as far as I can tell, we still have power. I cannot sleep as swirling around the house are these high winds, punctuated by odd sounds (like a transformer blowing, sounds like firecrackers going off). Windows sway, doors groan and those not on latches (to keep cats out) bang. Makes me think of 3 Little Pigs. I'll huff & I'll puff ... Rain very heavy. Trees soughing (is there such a word?). But cats calm this time. Weather underground has us having winds as high as places in NYC -- 60 mph. Must be just gusts.

Put on TV but found they are yukking it up while talking to a sheriff. No information, just chat. Poor young man with microphone out there -- do microphones have some special power that protects the person holding one?

The admiral's not up so I can't know what are the numbers of places out of power in areas.

Oops! that sounded like another transformer far off ... The power went off and computer is now very unhappy. I rebooted but it is still in distress so I
had better get off and return when the sun is up, 

And shut this machine off now, though as I typed the weather began to seem clalmer.


Well print media is always better than TV and (oftentimes) the traditional newspaper the best.  I read in the New York Times that the storm has hit New Jersey and is headed for New York, and about the DC area, The Washington Post says millions are without power. And yes people (8 thus far reported) have died.  I've broken down and bought a basic subscription to the Times.

Yvette tells me we lost power twice in the night and the clocks show this. We had gathered supplies. Yvette walked to get us milk; I made sure we had candles and batteries for our old radios.  Also flashlights. The Admiral pooh-poohed all this and said the radios won't work and it'll be better to get into your car and listen to your new radio installed there.

We were to go to Wolf Trap, Mary Chapin Carpenter; cancelled.  Too dangerous for such a crowd.  Many people today will be seeking coffee and comforts in nearby coffee shops and malls and the electricity company mighty busy.

This was not Hurricane Isabel (I include a picture of Old Towne the morning after)  which hit near Alexandria in 2003 where we did lose power for days (as did almost everyone) and the waters came up to the first streets of Old Towne and homes were destroyed lying by the shore (Caroline and her then husand ran out in it exhilarated), but it was (like
last wekk's earthquake not nothing for those the natural phenomena hit direct

Isabel, 2003, Old Towne Alexandria

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