misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

My Neolithic Breakfast


The admiral has described my breakfast as neolithic.  Every morning I put one and one-half tablespoons of Miller's Bran in a bowl. On top of that I put a handful or so of prepared cereal. The last couple of years it's been corn flakes treated with honey. Then half a tablespoon of brown sugar.  I boil water and pour the water on the mix.  Then because it's too hot and thin I add milk.  Then I down it.

He says that before bread was invented anatomically modern people must've eaten their grains straight. I asked did he think they had boiling water or milk.  No, those parts of your breakfast are not neolithic.  Certainly not the prepared cereal which I buy in boxes from Whole Foods.

I also have a glass of prune juice, some pills before and after a cup of tea with milk and more brown sugar.

Now why do I do this?  It doesn't take much time. That's a big consideration with me when it comes to food. I can get myself to eat it.  And the content ingested helps promote evacuation :)

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