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So glad to be home; teaching woes

Dear friends,

This is such a deep feeling with me, there's no qualifying, bypassing, much less overturning it.  When I get home after a mere what 8 hours away (today teaching and a student conference), I am as profoundly relieved as if I'd be away for long time.  On Tuesday I was on the go from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm; at the close I was brain-dead.  Yet it also takes me time to embed myself again (so to speak). I've just managed that now.

I kept falling asleep at the wheel on my way home. I would be jerking myself awake and holding firm to the wheel so I would not slide over to the other lanes. I had better never take 3 75 minute classes in a row. I haven't said that the classes are going well; they are. Each time I seem to concentrate rather on how dizzy, shattered, without brains left I am rather than the satisfying experiences I am having: in each class a number of students are doing the reading and taking the book and writing seriously; they seem to be appreciating the class.


Sigh. It was not true I had no student papers to grade. I have no essays but I have 3 classes' worth of proposals, one page each. I'm finding teaching a burden for the first time since I taught too many sections (4 together) in 2 places (GMU & AU) in my attempt to help pay a double-whammy mortgage off. Then I turned neurasthenic. Now I'm just g-o-i-n-g so s-l-o-w. When I could knock off 3 classes of classes (say 60) in a day and a half I wasn't bothered by them. Now I know it'll take an unconscionable number of hours. So I do get irritated at sarkiness, minimal efforts and so on, fantasies where the student pretends to be doing something and really imagines I am deluded. Honesty seems such a low priority in human life. Sigh.

Tags: aspergers, life-writing (mine), teaching

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