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Happy events, so: Pictures!

Dear friends,

We've had several happy events in our house (all at once!) and to celebrate I've put some new photos in my facebook personal album. I'm not sure this can "come out" here but if not, here are three of them.  Here is Caroline at age 15:

Here is Yvette at age 14:

and here am I and the admiral in the year 2006.

Of course we don't look quite like this anymore. Laura is 33, Izzy is 27 and it's 5 years on from 2006.

What are the happy events?  Among them:  we have taken the first decisive step towards Izzy getting a job using her MLIS to build and maintain websites and keep records; Caroline tells me she has a job working for the Arlington Housing Authority whose mission is to preserve and protect and even create affordable housing in Arlington Va.

I have nothing new to report about the two cats, only that they are well. Clary continues to  wander amid the books


and Ian to stay in safe places, tucked off in corners in his various pods, often under or near chairs and tables about the house.

Tags: cats, life-writing (mine), seasonal

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