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Dear friends,

I did have some pleasant moments today.  We took down our pottery pumpkin, put a candle inside and placed it on our path. Then we took two big bags of candy and placed them in big orange bowl near door, turned on our stoop light, and began our evening.  Five groups of children came between around 6 and 7:30.  While we were eating I remembered a happy Halloween night I had walking about this neighborhood with Caroline dressed as a blue pencil and Yvette in a Cinderella (or Snow White) dress. Many of the houses were lit and the neighbors were friendly and kind. The air was balmy. I said it was 10 years ago.  The admiral looked at me and said count again, it was 20. That long.  He told me of how in Georgetown the streets are shut since so many adults dress up and go from bar to bar reveling (drinking).

There was some pleasant conversation with a friend or two on the Net both on lists and off.  On facebook. I followed Caroline and Yvette on facebook, saw Rob's photo.  I looked over my part (Rhodophil) for the coming unrehearsed play of Marriage a La Mode. My review has been published.

But really I really don't know why it was good today or earlier tonight.  Just that it was.

Tags: life-writing (mine), listserv life, seasonal, social life

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