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Poldark Dreams; then my Schemes

Dear friends,

I'm using this blog to say to others and myself what are my plans for my website immediately and for attempts at publication over the next few months. It's a sort of form of reminder and to encourage myself; often at night I don't just don't do what I said to myself I would, I forget what I intended.

So, first in conjunction with my first blog on the EC/ASECS meeting, last night I put a copy of my liberty in the Poldark novels on my website:

Ross (Robin Ellis) and Demelza Poldark (Angharad Rees) on the night before his trial (from Jeremy Poldark, still from 1975-76 Poldark I series).  I just never tire of Robin Ellis's portrayal of Ross Poldark: here he's in his tender strongly erotic mode.

My hope is to write another papers on the last 5 novels of the series for another venue or session; if I can't manage that (for I think I'd have to propose another panel myself and I'm not sure I'm up to that), I still hope to revise this one and write a general paper on the Poldark series and send it to History Today. That's a goal for this summer. If my proposals for papers for the coming Victorian conference in spring (NVSA) (Trollope's Story-telling art through the original illustrations) and NYC JASNA (Jane Austen's Letters shed light on her novels) next fall are not accepted, that's what I'll sure be doing this coming summer. So I won't mind if my proposals are not accepted. I'll also work on A Place of Refuge: The Jane Austen Films

Now I list the brief essays I'm putting on the Net which have been published in various places:  first up I'll do my review of The Politics of Gender (Essays on Trollope), then my Jane Austen and Food, then my view of Trouille's Wife Abuse in 18th century France. This is the order they've been published.  I need also to find what happened to the favorable review of my section on Isabelle de Montolieu from Eighteenth Century Fiction and make it appear.

I am working on putting my lecture notes in the forms of blogs for my students: one on LeCarre's Constant Gardener, with some comments on Mereilles's film; one on the Atul Gawande's Complications and separately published essays. I mean to order Frederick Wiseman's Hospital as soon as I get notification (if I do) that I'm to teach 302, Advanced Comp in Nat Sci and Tech this coming spring; if not, then I'll order it in spring for the summer. So probably I ought to alternate, a blog on a Jane Austen letter, put up one document, a blog on the conference, put up another document, a blog on teaching stuff.

For summer: I'll make a Poldark section on my website, and a foremother posting section. I did take a section for the summer but I'm not sure I will get one for spring. If I don't, I'll live with it, and tell myself it'll be free time. If Yvette can become self-supporting, I can rest easier than I have in years.

Schemes is Samuel Johnson's sceptical word, but if I keep referring to this maybe I'll do it.

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