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Occupy Wall Street: what we are being taught

Dear friends and readers,

For Monday:  Demcracynow.org report for Nov 21:

We are being taught -- I should say reminded except writing on the Net shows me a lot of people didn't realize this -- banks can fleece a nation through physical things: like foreclosure, sometimes on the flimiest or no documents and nothing done by armies; you protest and you are beat the hell out of (we have but one body) or throw into prison and mistreated there.

We are being taught that the unions' decision to try to get higher pay by signing agreements on pension help depend on the good will and truth of the employer and that is often worthless. In the past 20 years -- in fact since unions shrank in the US (due to many laws engineering this) company after company has reneged on its promises. Often individuals get cheated, but now wholesale just not keeping the company's end of the bargain. The person works much harder thinking he or she has a stake in the future of the company. The courts have upheld employer after employer. You might say well then workers must ask for higher wages. Yes, but that has been the problem all along: to get real compensation and security for your work.

Backing the employers and courts, the police and military come out with using ferocious war techniques against civil and social protests that are peaceful: that's what we have seen this week in the US. . Still asking for higher wages seems the better thing if you can get them. La Fontaine has a fable where the moral is don't trust those with solid power over you.

Bella say:  Edward you watch me sleep at night, you treat me like a child, and you can have me for dinner. I will willingly throw myself off a cliff for you.

Buffy: No guy is worth your life, not ever.

So here it is:  A Fascist police state: Occupy

I learned at Sharp conference this summer (well had the knowledge re-inforced) that socialist books do not win prizes, they are not circulated by the establishment; so to feminist books are derided or dismissed; you must go to Womens Review of Books to hear of them.  Keeping women used by all men and families themselves subject is part of the order.

The 1% are not 1%. They are more like 10 per cent and they have their hands on what's the norm. Dear Diane,

You may recall I told you it's my real sense adjuncts die in high proportions in comparison to everyone else on the "faculty/staff."  Another woman adjunct got cancer I heard.  This morning I read in the WRofB an article about a recent book by Gubar (a return to her feminism) where she documented that black women feminists die in higher numbers than others in the academy, including tenured ones.

I'm feeling grim as I contemplate the destruction of these occupier encampments.  I realize the Occupies did not appear to be getting anywhere in terms of passing legislation, but their presence was important. Why they were swept away so brutally.  The ferocious 10% did not mind at all putting that on TV. It was within an acceptable norm they had created.

Over 70% of the people in the US have a ferocious enemy which has been active abroad for more than 30 years. What has been true is the US armies have behaved the way they are now doing their own citizens. Their ferocity is not something they need carry out themselves physically; they have thousands of servants they pay high wages to, and they have captured the public waves of information and the norms taught in schools and the books that are used,  Thus US and its armies with the help of the 10% abroad have destroyed social movement after social movement: in the US by stopping their growth initially; abroad by organizations which are legally allowed in and overthrow govt's and de-stabilize others. Now they are succeeding in doing it here.

Take the time to read this. Moyers explains better than anyone I've seen how this situation of the ruthless war of the rich and powerful against 70% of US and more was implemented. People mention Reagan: yes he made it visible; yes he laughed at the Air Traffic Controllers. But that last is a one shot deal. It's how it was done that people need to understand.

Yesterday the Admiral and I drove through middle Virginia and saw a lot of desperate poverty: stores which are pawn shops, places to trade instead of paying even.

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