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Scary second incident of theft in a movie-house: the adventure of the vanished scarf

Dear friends,

Late yesterday afternoon I had another scary incident of what must be theft in the local Cinemart art movie-house in my area. Well a 20-40 minute drive away from Alexandria, Va: in Fairfax county, not far from Fairfax City.  What happened was this:

My scarf went missing under my chair in the movie house. I left my chair for a moment or so (a little more) to ask that the lights in the auditorium be put out. I came back and it was gone. Izzy insists there was no one behind us.  There was nothing on the floor or any of the nearby seats. How could it have vanished. Admittedly it was dark when we left. We made the egregious error of going to see J.Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood. It's a pernicious right-reactionary film. I found the way labor strikes and Emma Goldman were presented sickening; it may be we were to take this partly, but only party as Hoover's paranoia. If so, this was not emphasized; instead we were also shown how he re-organized the Library of Congress card catalogue. The good this man did.  I couldn't bear it after half an hour and we left. I asked the young man at the front to phone me if my scarf was found. He promised and he has not. So it wasn't there.

This is the second time something has been filched from me in this theater. The other time was much scarier. There were people behind us and I left my handbag on the floor by my feet. Someone managed to pull it to the back of my seat, pull out my wallet pull out one of my credit cards, and push the bag back. I did feel a jerk or movement but didn't understand what it meant. When I got home not only was my card gone but someone had charged over $2000 on my credit card. I felt such a fool.  I was on the phone for hours, and then there was a long period of getting an new card.  I'm lucky that the credit card bank believed me; the purchases were totally unlike any I usually do. I never have bought at a Wall-Mart, and don't buy the kind of goods bought. Since then going into this theater I keep my bag on my lap and totally zipped and locked.

I value it as the one art house here in Virginia which is independent. The other is part of a chain which plays the godawful feeds between films that make me nervous and are so obnoxious.  What do you think? am I targeted as this foolish old woman it's easy to steal stuff from? I know women are targeted for rape in neighborhoods and it happens to them more than once.

What should I do?

A Pissarro: one of my favorite paintings.

The theft of my credit and now this scarf suggests to me I came across one of millions of incidents on this day which show the increasing desperation of US people and/or the amorality and predatory element of human nature. I love Impressionist pictures by Pissarro for he keeps all that at a great distance. In this light his are pastoral paintings.

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