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Just like Mr Rogers!

Dear friends,

As I said in the wee hours of the dawn, this is my 65th birthday.  I did have a present.  I have said on facebook and to friends off-facebook, and on and off listservs and blogs, that this term I'm exhausted from teaching 3 sections in a row and my back and feet kill me (I complain a lot).  About 3 weeks into term I began to give up on all shoes, and when I get into class I regularly take off my shoes and put on my ballet slippers.  Today I was late to the second class, and instead of easy shoes (like loafters or pumps) I had leather furry boots with a zip to get off my feet.

I had to tug in front of them all.  Embarrassed, I said something or other about winter being here and how wet it was.  Well one girl said, "Dr Moody, I think you're just like Mr Rogers."  And then another chimed in, "Yes Dr Moody sometimes you remind me of Mr Rogers!"  I of course take this in the best spirit as a compliment and said in reply, "Well I even have a Henrietta Pussycat, only her name is Clarissa pussycat." 


P.S. The pictures are very like my shoes. I bought boots just like that but grey in Macy's, and today I had leopard skin slippers with me to match my brown skirt and top. I took the images from Macy's site.  The admiral has promised to install a iphoto my computer and then I took will be able to take photos with our camera and put them on the Net.


Dec. 1st, 2011 12:10 pm (UTC)
Just like Mr Rogers! Judith Wright
Ah! I'm surprised. I am one of those who somtimes assume the UK and US and Canada are just about one culture when it comes to public media, especially since the Net.

Mr Rogers is a household word in the US, and especially familiar (even to those who don't want public TV) is the repeat ceremony of every single program of him coming in to his house, taking off fancy tie shoes (conservative) and putting on sneakers, taking off his suit or other jacket and putting it in the closet (hanging it up exemplarily in a casual way) and then putting on a cardigan. All while talking to the viewer.

A middle class male white image but done so tenderly and meant so well .... The program moved slowly and offered nuanced empathies with the individual characters. Laura used to get intensely absorbed, would cry (over Henrietta Pussycat).

I just love Wright. The enduring strength and struggle of life are there.

Must run off now to teach,

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