misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

December mishaps

Dear friends,

Both cars are broken down. Yvette missed her Xmas party yesterday because my car broke down on the way there. The admiral had put off fixing his and when Friday came could only get an appointment this Monday. He has "this thing" for old Jaguars and will maintain owning them is cheaper than buying new cars. They break down. Today I have to walk to the place where my car is -- I will be grateful to luck if I do as I need a car for tomorrow's teaching. This it is to live on a limited income in Virginia.  Mass transportation (buses) during the day a mirage.

Our strings of lights for the bushes in front of the house not working. Well the thin strings of varied colors ones are, but not the white webs -- or only bits of them. We can't have a tree as Ian, our ginger tabby boy cat, cannot resist attacking, but they may see this rather differently:

But all the presents have come.  Three ipads and all their parts and my 7 seasons of Prime Suspect. I'll send electronic cards for all but two people.  Must get a scarf and gloves too.  Nearly there really.

I'm thinking to buy a new one at long last in January. A honda or toyota compact, or look at the Korea Hundai (?). My 93 blue chevy has had it. I've loved it and it's been a good car for me, but it's falling apart and now the tape deck is gone there is nothing unique in it.  A feeling of attachment persists :)

Tags: life-writing (mine), seasonal

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