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Dear friends,

Just home from teaching and term is ended, plus the admiral installed photo-making software onto my computer. So to celebrate both these happenings:

A beautiful shawl, a present from one of my Muslim students

I folded and then spread the shawl on my desk -- yes that's Jennifer Ehle on my wall in one of my favorite stills from the 1995 P&P (meditative in landscape) and a glass of wine

I did not tell the class how I came to stop wearing my black shawl (how it was stolen, see scary incident or the Adventure of the Vanishing Scarf) but see she did notice. She should not have, as they say as it looks expensive. I have a second wrap-round like this, one I got for $5 on a NYC peddlar's bulk.

She herself wore very pretty (yes there are) burkas or foot length gowns to class; they were often lovely colors, then she'd have a matching scarf (especially tasteful with pretty designs and decorative motives) and socks. She had different sets of jewelry which also matched (mostly through contrast), and different shoes and bags. The whole effect was anything but gloomy. I complimented her on the effect more than once.

This will be my first really lovely shawl of this type. The design weaved in is delicate and rich. Now I have to get the hang of wrapping it round me right :)

I sent her a Jacquie E. Lawson card, told her I wore it home, and will keep it on my chair as I like to wear a shawl as a wrap round my shoulders in the house for warmth.

To be filed under:  we need to see Muslim women's fashions much less narrowly than is presented in US public media.



Dec. 15th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
"That's beautiful - both in itself and as a gift." Diana B.

Yes. I only captured the beauty of it in the large photo -- and of course as a present. It was put in a pretty bag too :). Miss Drake

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