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Merry Christmas to all


Caroline and Rob were over and it all went very well. Yvette came home early after five good days at work. She had succeeded. She was depleted though and needed rest and quiet, she slept for a while, but then was able to be up for the get together.

Only poor Ian (scared) couldn't join in. He sat at the edge of the back bedroom looking out but when I tried to bring him to the front, he panicked and jumped away and his claws are beyond me. 

Presents:  Clary loves the catnip; she rolls in ecstacy. Ian looks wary and so loses out.

Yvette and the Admiral are just now working on connecting their ipads to the Net. The admiral promises I will be able to download Leonard Cohen, Lyle Lovett and whatever else I want to my ipod.  I have all the Prime Suspects made with Mirren.

Unexpectedly I've discovered Wiseman's The Store is filmed as a Christmas time at Neimann Marcus. So watching a Xmas film.

Tomorrow is our peaceful day and winter evening walk (a la Cowper).  Alas, E-Street cinema has bought all local rights to Tinker Tailor for this Xmas holiday and the trains run very infrequently on Xmas day. So we will see A Dangerous Method Xmas day and go to Mark's Duck House.

2/24 at around 1:  Other movies not about Xmas but where things are occurring at Xmas time are the best kinds of Xmas movies: so also Huston's The Dead (adaptation of Joyce's story), Whitman's Metropolitan (adaptation of Mansfield Park), Ken Taylor's The Maze (adaptation of touching ghost story).

2/25 at around 8:30: we saw A dangerous Method, the flaws and strengths of costume drama. Good talk afterwards. Yummy food and wine at Mark's Duck House.  Good talk coming home and now I am watching The Store, Yvette doing her video of ice-skating and the Admiral listening to trumpets doing rousing Xmas music in front room. Immensely cheered.

Tags: life-writing (mine), seasonal

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