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Clary, our affectionate bold alert cat; an antidote to distress to attack on Net by powerful

Dear friends,

I know I should probably black out all my blogs but cannot get myself to. The full black pages distress me. I know the point is to distress people but I'm not good at handling distress. I am terrified myself lest I lose the life I have gained since 1995 -- so have at least put a protest ribbon on Ellen and Jim have a blog, two. and Reveries under the Sign of Austen two.  In the meantime, to be more cheerful (memo to self, avoid desperate thoughts -- see final paragraphs of this blog):

Our girl cat clever and alert. When I get ready to go out, she sits on top of a bookcase that leads to a side window I must walk by to get out of our house territory (so to speak), on my way past our fence. She then scoots over to said window and mews at me; if I walk over she attempts to nudge the window so I don't lest she fall between the shutter and window. I just wave from the path (afar), and say "bye bye pussycat!"

When the Admiral comes home in his Jag, the Jag makes a peculiar stop sound all its own. (Jags are ridiculous barouche landau like cars.) When Clary hears this noise, she scoots to a side or the front window in kitchen where she knows she can see the Jag parking and watches and then scoots to the door and sits under a chair near the door as he comes in.

Well, Yvette has been leaving every morning regularly for over a month now; today she scooted to the front as she saw Yvette open the door and went to a window looking further out, up on the piano, paws holding tight to the shutters like a child at a window, she peered hard to watch Yvette go away, tail twitching.

Yvette yesterday morning just before she left for work

It's hard to photograph Clary. She won't stay still; here she is sprawled backwards seeking play or petting while I get her food ready in her dish; that's our kitchen lineoleum floor.


The Admiral says the irony is pirate ebay, the real site the movie companies spear heading this want to take dow,n is excluded from the suit! It would stay up! It's Norwegian and Norway and Sweden are against the way copyright is used today to make money for huge institutions, corporations and censor a great deal of what we can see and hear this way. The powers in the US gov't who want to carry on wars freely and do what they like to keep up the present relentlessly inegalitarian establishment and other public media (TV) would love to shut the US Net up. Cut us all off again.

All alone and isolated again; the world turned back to coteries so the huge institutions can make more money controlling what people have access to. Clever foul lawyer who thought this up.

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